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Great Day for a Ride!

Its time I come clean.  I have been stretching the truth a bit for the last couple years.  When asked, I have said that I have conquered every hill I have ever attempted on my bike.  Well there was one in which … Continue reading

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Ride Prep!

As the rides get longer, especially depending on the route, the prep is more extensive.  For a supported century, I just make sure I have both bottles full, the right clothes, and maybe an extra snack.  The food stops happen … Continue reading

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The Shows I Watched as a Kid!

My last post dealt with a Looney Toons cartoon I liked as a kid, and truthfully, even into adulthood.  I mean, how can you not watch Bugs Bunny, Yosemite Sam, Road Runner, or one of my favorites Foghorn Leghorn! It … Continue reading

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I know many of you had to be Looney Tunes fans when you were kids (or even now!)  Cartoon network, even with Sponge Bob, Johnny Bravo and RugRats can’t touch the classics! But do any of you remember the one with … Continue reading

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From the Deepest Archives of my Mom’s House

Yep, here it is, Little Stroh get’s his first 2 wheeler, complete with training wheels! Mom says it was Christmas morning, and I am in my going to church suit and shoes!! Who knew this would lead to the miles … Continue reading

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Save Your Breath!

Yep, I think it’s official, I owe Joe Kurmaskie a beer or 12! Why you ask?  Is it because he has great books that have given me hours of entertainment? Is it because following him on Facebook makes me laugh … Continue reading

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This was NOT a Normal Sunday

So as the title says, this Sunday last was NOT a normal day. Now Saturday was gorgeous, warm, sunny.  I did some yard work, the kids went to the Solstice Festival and saw some Naked Bike-Riders  Yep the oldest called … Continue reading

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Thanks Mom!!

I’ve had a lot of fun with this blog since I started about 5 months ago.  I’ve shared a lot of old stories, new experiences, opinions and some of my favorite photos.  I also, so I’ve been told, caused additional … Continue reading

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Two-Wheeled Time Machine

Since I have started this blog in January, I watch out for phrases, comments or things I read that  will generate a post.  When I know the source though, I like to give credit where credit is due.  I was … Continue reading

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Fremont solstice festival

There is a tradition in Seattle, the weekends after the first day of summer. Fremont has its Solstice festival and parade. One component of this, and it shows up rain or shine, is e Naked Bike Riders! Yep, all they … Continue reading

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