Racking Up the Miles: May 2013

If you read the end of April post when I tallied the miles, you could tell I was less than pleased with my total.  I just figured there should have been more!

Well, I am here to tell you that I made up for those short comings and then some in May!

This was my first month ever in which I had century rides.  I did the May Day Metric the first weekend of the month, and then the Reach the Beach Century later.  It was also bike to work Month in Seattle, at 17 miles one way, I earned over 250 miles!  This biking home thing makes working out MUCH more convenient!  Then there were a few other rides just for fun during the month.

Lately, however,  I had been noticing my legs had been feeling worn out, and I wasn’t sure why.  Well I am now! Adding up the miles, I ended May with 514 miles!  This is a personal record for me!

It’s been a strange month of riding.  I’ve gotten sunburned, waterlogged and ended up half-frozen.  I’ve ridden to the biggest mountain in Washington State, and to the Pacific Ocean.  I’ve had to avoid mudslides due to heavy rain, and just today, I experienced a bicycle grid lock on the Burke Gilman.

I also noticed this for the first time during my commutes:




Not sure why this  is hanging on the wall, but I love it as a decoration!

Today was also a noteworthy day!  On the way home I saw this:



Not easy to read, but it says 12000!  That is very close to 2 round trip runs from Seattle Wa to Boston Ma!  I was very excited to see that!  Not bad when I just started riding in 2008.  I know there are people  who do a helluva lot more, but I am very pleased with this!

I will NOT have as many miles in June!

  1. My body needs a rest, so I have declared the first weekend a non bike weekend.  I am taking it easy
  2. I only have one Century ride instead of 2 (unless I sign up for another….)
  3. It’s not bike to work month any more.  I’ll still do it because it is fun, but maybe not as much

All in all I am very happy with the results this month.  I’ve biked hard, seen a lot scenery, and enjoyed the hell out it!

And the year isn’t half over yet!!!


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5 Responses to Racking Up the Miles: May 2013

  1. Matt Irby says:

    Ever thought of mounting a Go Pro camera on your bike? Might make for some great videos to post.

  2. Tony you are frugal not cheap.

  3. Hell…that’s what it is all about! Glad you had a good one…!

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