Feature Friday- Kayaking Over a Waterfall

Very close to where I went to college and VERY COOL,

Here To Conquer

Happy Friday everyone!

It’s another edition of Feature Friday and today I want to put the spotlight on a fun water sport- Kayaking

With the weather getting progressively nicer out, you’ll want to have a great deal of options for outdoor activities in order to enjoy the sunshine. Kayaking is a great way to explore the waterways of the wilderness, and even some urban environments, while getting a moderate upper body workout.

Here are some health benefits you can achieve through kayaking:


  • Tones arm and back muscles through repetitive paddling- it takes about 500 strokes to travel 1 mile in a kayak
  • Improves joint health by improving range, motion, and flexibility while increasing the lubrication of joints
  • The smooth motion of paddling can promote a sense of calm and peacefulness while enjoying natural settings
  • Burn calories without having to overexert yourself

Like many other sports, there are varying levels…

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