A reader….

Now anyone who follows this blog even semi regularly knows I love to bike, I love the outdoors, I have tried to climb mountains, and I am a diehard Washington State University Fan (GO GOUGS!)

All of this is VERY true.  One thing you may NOT know about me, is that I am an avid, some may even say a voracious reader.

Prior to having my kindle (and now my kindle app on the iPad) I ALWAYS had a book going.  I loved going to Barnes and Noble, or better yet, a used book store, and just roam the shelves.  Upstairs in the attic, stored away, is my adventure library.  Books about climbs, rides, rivers, arctic crossings and adventures unimaginable, except for those who did them and lived (or didn’t in some cases) to tell the story.  As we have a small house, they stay stored for now.

Ah, but now with the e-readers, I am not limited to one book at a time.  I am currently reading 5 different books.  One Vampire apocalyptic novel, a future war novel of China invading America, an Adventure book of a guy who circled the world on a bike, The Origin of Species by Darwin and the Bible (currently in the new testament and STRUGGLING this is NOT a fun read).

What’s nice about the iPad, is I can have any number of books in my backpack at any one time.  When I have a minute, I can break it out and read what I want.  When one book gets boring, I can switch to another.  It has made reading even more fun for me!

I once read that the average person reads less than 5 books a year….  Since that time, I have kept track of all the books I finish each year.  It is ALWAYS in the 40s and sometimes even the 50s.  I just can’t imagine not reading…

When I sit down to relax, I read.  When I take the kid to the skate store, I sit in the car and read while he shops.  Before a movie starts, yep read.  In a plane going anywhere, read the whole time.  Each morning I get to work early, and after perusing the web, emails and blogs, I read for at least 20 minutes.

I can even remember how it all started.  In the 5th grade, my dad had, what I thought) was a lot of books on a shelf.  He tossed me one once and said, here, read this! (It threw me, cuz I thought these were “adult” books.  Kids weren’t supposed to read them.  I don’t know WHY we weren’t supposed to, but I knew I better not!

The book he gave me was “Sackett Brand” by Louis L’Amour.  

Cover of "Sackett (Louis L'Amour)"
Cover of Sackett (Louis L’Amour)

This is a book about a man cut off, and hunted (in the old west) and on his own, and the story of how his family came to help him.  I read that book cover to cover in nothing flat, and from then on, there was no stopping me!  At the time, we lived in Germany (I was an army brat).  There was little to do for a kid, and TV sucked.  So my spare time was filled with reading.

I would ask to be taken to the book store every chance I could, and LOVED going to the library.  I would wait for my dad to finish a book to see if it was “ok” for me to read (language you know). I think he was a bit more lenient than mom.

I went on to read every “Louis” book there was.  I even snuck one of his quotes into my dad’s funeral program (he woulda loved it, he HATED funerals).  Some of these books I have read multiple times.  I am also a major Science Fiction geek, Zombie Apocalypse nerd and alternate history buff.  I also like hard science as well as historical fiction.  In essence, I like almost anything, as long as it is well written and NOT a chick book (HATE chick books…..) It’s a wonder I don’t have roots growing out of my ass, with all the sitting and reading I did.

Even in college I made a rule that the last 15 minutes before bed was fun reading (unless I had had too much beer….)  It cleared the brain and let me sleep better!

A buddy of mine  asked me recently how I can read so many books.  Well, I don’t really watch TV.  Aside from the Cougs and Seahawks during football season, and of course The Walking Dead, I never watch TV.  (Game of Thrones is one I get the DVDs for the following season.  I’ve read all the books, so I watch the shows while riding my bike in the shed.)  Without TV in the way. I have a LOT more time to read!

This year though, the blog has taken over some prime reading time. (After work, spending time with my lovely bride, sleep and riding the bike, there is only so much time left.)  It will be interesting to see how many books I read this year.

So yes, you see before you a readaholic, and darn proud of it.  I’m just lucky to have had a dad that helped me get started.  And now that I am done with tomorrow mornings post, it is time to read some more!

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      1. It definitely does 🙁 I’m at work more than anywhere else and by the time I get home I’m too tired to do anything!

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