Bicycle Widow

Editors note: I have an amazing wife who makes sure I get off my butt and on the bike! Love her! Loved this post too!

Mimi's Musings

Editor’s Note: Please be advised that this is an attempt at humor, however feeble it may be. Enjoy

Around this time of year, I have this gnawing feeling that something is just off. ‘Hey Hun!’ I call out. Silence. ‘Hey Hun!’ I yell out. In walks one cat and the other closely following behind and it hits me. Helpful Hubby is out on his bike, making me a bicycle widow.

From March through September Helpful Hubby is riding his bike. If he isn’t on it, he is either eating for the next ride, thinking about the next ride, cleaning and prepping his bike or thinking about what he could have done better on the ride he just got back from. The lawn is growing past my knees, piles of laundry go unfolded. At least the cat has a comfy place to sleep and I can always find him, the cat…

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