Sometimes you just have to Make the Call!

This week has been a biatch!  Not in a bad way mind you, but flat-out exhausting!

I work in the training department at the Mighty P, a Seattle-based insurance company.  I’ve been there now for just under 90 days.  On July 1st, if all goes well and the creeks don’t rise we will be hiring new claims adjusters and I will be teaching them.  This is all good, I like the Mighty P and I like to teach.  I particularly like teaching claims people, as I was one!

HOWEVER, the material for new hire training was woefully out of date.  The computer system we used went through a major overhaul.  The material didn’t.  So for the last 2 months I have been updating around 15 modules….  This was the easy part.

This week I had to step it up a notch. The company recently went paperless.  There is a whole new way to handle claim folders (in essence, there AINT no folders!) it’s all done on the computer.  I have not only had to learn the new system this week, but also revamp 2 elearns.  (I don’t know nuthin about building no eLearns!  (well at least I didn’t last week…)  Got one done, and one will be done Monday.  But it has been brain draining!  But to paraphrase the Bandit (Burt Reynolds) “I aint never not made it before!”  It will all be done and I will be ready for class on the 1st!

But damn I am tired today.  I have resorted to coffee, lattes and Diet Mountain Dew (Plus one BAD cinnamon roll) this week to keep going.

I did get two bike commutes in, Tuesday and Thursday.  And as I sit and write this, the plan was to bike in tomorrow.

This is where “Making the call” comes in.  To ride in, I need to get up 40 minutes early.  (Did I mention I was tired?)  Then I get there, and instead of my normal relax morning, eating breakfast and surfing the web or reading, I have to get a quick shower, and scarf down food.

I also miss out on our commute into work together.  We always stop at Starbucks, and sometimes we talk on the way in, or just quietly watch the road, but its our peaceful time together.

Add to it, my lovely bride is taking me away for a staycation this weekend.  We are going to the Willows Lodge for good food, room service, good wine, and relaxing.  If I took of on the bike, she would have to load the suitcase after she was done getting ready.  That’s kinda my job.

The plan is Sunday I will ride a 50.  Well, I will be coming back sometime Saturday to feed and water the cats.  (Its only 20 minutes away) So I can grab the bike then.

So I am making the call! No bike commute in the morning.  I am going to mosey and help do the last-minute things we need to do and pack before we leave.  I will pack work out clothes and hit the gym with her on Saturday, and our together time will just start in the tomorrow morning1

It aint easy being a cyclists wife (and it REALLY aint easy being my wife I am sure.)  So if doing something little like this helps, I am all over it!

PLUS an extra 40 minutes of sleep!

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