Anyone who has read this blog more than a few times knows I have a coupla kids.  One is a math major up in Bellingham, Western Washington University just finishing up his sophomore year.  The other is the Manchild, a freshman longboarder in high school.  I have hopes he will pass is classes and be a sophomore next year…

I get in trouble regularly from my wife Michelle saying I am not the best dad in the world.  I can’t pin down the exact reasons why I say that, but I blame TV. I look at Ward Cleaver, Mile Brady, hell even Hasselhoff on Baywatch, and I feel more like Al Bundy.

I post this sitting in a hotel room with my lovely bride, enjoying a weekend for us after an ugly work week, at the Willows lodge.  I look on facebook to find out somehow the manchild has broken his longboard and can’t skate in a deal coming up.

There isn’t a boarding store open at this time, but I can’t help thinking a real dad could break out a band saw and build a damn board before morning.  Me, I got nuthin.

Sorry kid.

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