A Great Dad’s Day

So, yesterday was Father’s Day.  Normally this is not my favorite day.  I think it’s a made up holiday so Hallmark can sell cards and companies that make ugly ties can stay in business.  For me, I know both boys love me, so they don’t need a special day to do it.

THAT being said, my gorgeous wife made sure I enjoyed the hell out of it!  We started it by waking up in the Willows Lodge, and ordering room service!  It big fun to have breakfast delivered!  We spent the morning just hanging out, playing our games on the iPads and reading.  This was our second morning, so doing this twice in a row was PERFECT!  (Though Hattie, the 12 year old (well she sounded 12) laughed when I ordered the same thing for breakfast both days!  I know what I like!)

On the way  home, we stopped at got fresh strawberries at the Yakima Fruit stand and then got the grocery shopping done.  We were efficient and had it all done by high noon.  After putting stuff away, and having lunch (Plus slicing the berries) I looked at the yard and the clock and decided to forego the ride, and get the yard mowed.

One very sweet, but firm tongue lashing later (OK she said DUDE, go do your ride, its father’s day and you will be home in plenty of time!) I changed my mind.

So off I went!  The ride started fun, when a hot chick in a red Honda was flagging me down.  Turned out to be Jenna, one our best friends (I’ve known her since college) stopping to say “HI!”

Lake Washington
Lake Washington

I decided to head south and go through the Arboretum.  I had to go through UW, and dodge graduation traffic, but soon I had this view!

520 Construction
520 Construction

I decided that I would do something different this time. The route I was on takes you completely around the Lake.  I did this once before and very much enjoyed it.  However, I thought since I still wanted to get somethings done at home, I’d take a “shortcut”. (I should learn, just like in hiking, very seldom does something that LOOKS like it will save you time actually do so!)

I decided that instead of going all the way around I was going to cut directly across the lake on the I-90 Bridge Trail and then turn north i figured this would shave off lots of miles!

Its a floating bridge so you are right on the water
Its a floating bridge so you are right on the water
Happy rider!
Happy rider!

Now I THOUGHT this was a straight shot trail across the lake.  NOPE, when it got to Mercer Island I had to find my way through.  The good news is there were bike trails, the bad, no markings.  I just kinda kept my nose going east (or what I hoped was east (NOT the best internal compass!)  I made it across.

But then, I had NO idea where I was.  It didn’t put me where I thought I would.  So I turned left. (hey I had a 50 50 chance)

I chose incorrectly.  I ended up under I 405 in a hidden waterway area!  I think it was the Mercer Slough.  It was very cool!

imageimageI am going to have to figure out where this was, and my wife and I will have to kayak here, I am betting we will see a lot of things!  Sometimes wrong turns take you to the best places!

Well I got myself turned around, and found a sign pointing to Bellevue, and then got myself back on track!  The rest of the ride was fun.  A bit of a tail wind, great weather, and on one downhill, I hit my new land-speed record.  40.4 mph!  now THAT is fast!  47 miles total!  A great afternoon!

I got home, restrung the weed whacker (HATE doing it, it always takes 4 attempts at least!) and got both the weed whacking and mowing done with thunder rumbling in the background.  Got done 15 minutes before the rain hit!  We never got the full storm, but at least I stayed dry.

All in all a fun day.  Spoiled rotten, good ride AND got stuff done!

Thanks Michelle for making it great!!






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