He is only 3 Years Older than I Am!

James Gandolfini, American actor.
James Gandolfini, American actor. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I remember back when I was in College, I think I was home for Christmas break.  My dad, on a rainy weekend, decided to rent all three Godfather movies (and to show my age, yep they were video tapes!)


We are of Italian descent, and at the time he was a member of the Sons of Italy,   So the Godfather was his favorite movie (except for Jeremiah Johnson with Robert Redford, he always wanted to be a mountain man!).  He put in the tape, and before it was half over, I was SOUND asleep, snoring like a banshee.  He never could understand why the mafia, or our heritage didn’t interest me.


I tell this story, because most of the people I know have seen the Sopranos.  The HBO show about italian mob family.  I’ve never seen an episode, nor could I have identified anyone on the show.  It didn’t appeal to me.  However, one of the actors was James Gandolfini, who played Tony Soprano.


He was 51 years old, and I just learned that he died today of a major heart attack.  I had to google the guy to figure out who he was, and my condolences to the family.


It seems like every year, I hear about more and more people close to my age (and sometimes younger) dying from heart issues.  There’s a small part of me that thinks the minute I hit 50, my warranty is up, and the old ticker could give out at any time.


But then I looked at the guy.  Just from the pictures in the news story, it doesn’t appear this man worked out too often.  If at all.  This, coupled with his age, I suspect were the causes of the heart problems.  I don’t mean this to be disrespectful at all, but the photos I was looking at made me think he was 10 years older than I am, instead of just 3.


I do everything I can to prevent this from happening to me (I’ve got two kids that need a dad and a wife I love and who loves me!)  I have never smoked, which is helps prevent heart issues.  But the more important part, is the exercise.  The heart is a muscle like any other you have.  It needs to be exercised to keep it healthy.  My biking does that!


Pedaling up hill or fast on the flats, gets the heart pumping due to exertion.  Steep downhills gets it going from pure joy and excitement.  Each time I have a physical, I get compliments on how strong and steady it is.  It’s nice to know that something I enjoy is beneficial.  (I wish I could say the same thing about brownies and cookies!)


So three years from now I will be 51.  I am going to go on record and say that I am going to do everything I can to NOT have this happen to me.   In 3 years I still want people to think I am almost 40, and docs to the think my heart is less than 30.  So I will keep riding and 3 years from now I hope yall are still reading my posts!





5 thoughts on “He is only 3 Years Older than I Am!

  1. I really liked James Gandolfini — but I always thought he was older than me. Turns out I am three years older than him! On the other hand, I had a stress test a few weeks ago and the cardiologist said I have “the heart of a 20-year old athlete.” Cycling does pay off!

  2. It’s so important to take care of our heart and this is an example of why. I’m sorry that he’s gone though. I loved the Sopranos.

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