Fremont solstice festival


There is a tradition in Seattle, the weekends after the first day of summer. Fremont has its Solstice festival and parade. One component of this, and it shows up rain or shine, is e Naked Bike Riders! Yep, all they wear is maybe shoes, and body paint. Here is a picture from my friend Debbie. She lives in Ballard, and the nakedity gathered in her parking lot. They applied their paint and are ready to go!

Don’t look too closely if you are easily offended! 🙂

10 thoughts on “Fremont solstice festival

      1. Woah…I come from a pretty warm climate and hate the cold, so I can’t even begin to imagine how cold they must be. Perhaps I will come see them one day! 😀

      2. I bundle up when I ride in the rain! :). They ride every year, the saturday after summer starts. In Fremont, a very cool part of Seattle. It’s the more art part of town, I get the feeling you’d really like it.

      3. I think I will. I’m planning for a trip to the US in December, and I’ve never been to Seattle (the only places I’ve been to on West Coast are LA and San Francisco) so maybe I’ll visit when I’m there!

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