The Advantage of Having a 15 Year Old Around

I know, I know, there have been times I have threatened to sell him on Craigslist.  Then there was the time at Silverwood Theme Park I told him to start interviewing people to find his new parents.  Or the time I threatened to leave him in the country because some farmer would surely take him in….

But there are times it comes in handy having a 15 year old boy around,  One of these was last night!  Yep, MOVIE night!  Now it helps that my taste in movies hasn’t changed much since was 15.  He and I have gone to see both Expendables movies, The Fast and Furious, Avengers, Thor, Iron Man and of course, The Three Stooges!  (On the Stooges he almost left the theatre because I was laughing uncontrollably!)

Last night I drug him to Star Trek Into Darkness.  Now I have ben a Star Trek fan since the beginning.  I am not sure if I saw the series when it originally aired, but I saw the reruns of the Captain Kirk Mr Spock series untold number of times.  As a kid, I read all the Star Trek books, built models, had the Enterprise schematics and to this day I have an old school communicator at my desk.

My favorite place in Vegas, a dead heat with Margaritaville, was the Star Trek experience.  You could drink Romulan Ale, eat flaming ribs of tart and trade insults with Klingons, all while sitting at Quarks from Deep Space Nine.

I’ve watched all the subsequent series, and I am currently rewatching Voyager on Netflix.  Yes I am a Star Trek geek.  He, on the other hand is not…  It took some coercion to get him to go.  Luckily he was told by someone it was good even if he didn’t ever watch the prior Star Treks.

The night started a bit strange.  After getting the popcorn, drinks and red vines we went to the theatre.  (It was in a multiplex)  There were about 20 people milling around outside of it, as if they hadn’t started seating yet.  This was weird as it was 15 minutes before the start.  Not being one to be a lemming, I went into the theatre to see there were already people sitting.  I grabbed the kid, went in and got our seats, and we laughed at all the rest coming in behind us!  Not sure how it happened that they thought they couldn’t go in, but it tickled us.

Now when we watch, we try to figure out what is going to happen before it does, this time we both pegged it.  What’s more fun though, is we both have the same sense of humor.  Sometimes we find stuff funny others don’t.  This movie had plenty of one-liners, and a lot of action.  It was fun.  Then we talk about it, what we liked, what didn’t make sense and maybe what we would’ve done.  Again, a great time for both of us!

I’ve heard people complain about the new Star Trek movies, but so far I am 2 for 2 with a big thumbs up.  More importantly, its nice to have a built-in movie buddy!  Maybe I will have to rethink selling him!

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