Thanks Mom!!

I’ve had a lot of fun with this blog since I started about 5 months ago.  I’ve shared a lot of old stories, new experiences, opinions and some of my favorite photos.  I also, so I’ve been told, caused additional gray hairs to appear on my very young-looking mom’s head!  Some of the stories I share about the adventures I have had over the years, she has not heard before.  Or if she had, not in that detail.  Sorry Mom!

However, this week I learned that I owe her a big thank you!  (Ok to be honest, I am sure I, just like almost everyone out there, owe mom a helluva lot more than just one thank you.  But this is the most recent reason I do! )

Mom reads my post every day when she brings up Facebook. Yep my kids have a cool grandma.  Not only does she do Facebook, she has a smart phone, AND knows how to text!  Hell her phone is better than mine!

Sorry I digressed.  Mom reads my blog every day.  She read the one titled “Two-Wheeled Time Machine” in which I talked about how young you feel every time you ride a bike.  She sent me a message on Facebook telling me a story.  In short, her mom, my grandma (we called her Granny) never  let my mom have a bike.  She and her sisters had trikes, but when they outgrew them, that was it.  Granny was afraid with a bike, mom and her sisters would ride in the road and that was dangerous.  So no bikes.

No one messed with Granny!  I thought she was scary even when I was in my 30s.  Once I was building a deck at my house.  Granny was over visiting, sitting in the living room.  I smacked my thumb HARD with a hammer, and dropped an F-bomb that echoed off the neighbor’s house.  From inside, in a quiet icy voice, I heard “I heard that young man!”  “Sorry Granny….”  (no lie I felt like I was 5 and was honestly worried about having my mouth washed out with soap! Good thing I knew I could outrun her!)

So how does this equate to a thank you to my mom?  Well, when I got my first bike, with the training wheels, we lived very close to Granny.  My dad was away in Vietnam at the time, and Granny was at our house pretty often.  This means, my mom agreed to the bike, knowing Granny would probably find out and disapprove. Risking the wrath of Granny!   It would have been very easy for her to say “Nope, it’s dangerous, my mom always said so!”  And had she done so, 10,000 miles of experience, and an untold number of kid adventures never would have happened.

So, I know that I have become more worrisome to my mom in my adult years than I ever was as a kid (I was pretty damn boring actually), with my climbing, hiking and now riding.  But mom, I very much appreciate you NOT perpetuating the “NO BIKES IN OUR FAMILY” rule.  Riding the bike was one of my greatest pleasures and favorite things to do  growing up, and it still is.

THANKS MOM!!  and thank you for being one of my biggest blog fans!

2 thoughts on “Thanks Mom!!

  1. 🙂 I’m glad that your mom let you ride a bike too! Your grandma sounds like a character 😉 The first time I ever rode a bike without training wheels, I ran straight into one of two trees in a half mile radius of my parents’ house 😉

    1. Oh I hit cars! And crashed many times!

      I made granny laugh only once. I was driving her to the senior center and her cell phone started to ring loudly, it was in her back pocket. I said “Granny your BUTT is ringing!” She laughed so hard I thought she was gonna pee her pants!

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