This was NOT a Normal Sunday

So as the title says, this Sunday last was NOT a normal day.

Now Saturday was gorgeous, warm, sunny.  I did some yard work, the kids went to the Solstice Festival and saw some Naked Bike-Riders  Yep the oldest called up and asked if the manchild, his little brother wanted to go.  Now it could be the kid just wanted a full tank of gas, but hey I am not arguing!  My wife and I spent the afternoon relaxing, we got nachos to go from Azteca, and we just hung out together.

The boys came home, and the oldest was searching up something on the web.  I looked outside and there was a person in the car.  “Toe (we call him Toe, short for Tony) is Naomi in the car still?”  “Yeah she is waiting for me to look something up…” “You know, she can come inside.”  “Oh, OK!”  And we met Naomi, his blue-haired, tin-whistle playing, folk singing friend from college.  Nice girl, we don’t know if they are dating, but she did hit him and flip him off (both well deserved) so I am pretty sure they are.

But this is about Sunday, not Saturday.

So, the plan was to wake up, jump on the bike, and do a 50 miler.  Well, the alarm went off, I woke up, and it was raining…  On all the stuff I forgot to put away!  I noticed the day before, that all the gear i wore on the monsoon commute home Thursday was still wet.  I put it in the sun to dry, AND it got rained on again….

Well, I went back to bed.  When the manchild woke up, I heard an unhappy 15 year-old pitching a fit!  He had pink eye!  CRAP!!  Off to the doctor we went.  Luckily, my doc, part of the Holy P, is part of a clinic open 7 days a week.  In and out, and sure as heck, conjunctivitis!   As it turns out, the kid had it about a month ago, so the doc prescribed something that would kill it dead!  (3 drops, 3 times a day, 3 days, 3 3 3, how hard can this be?”  he was a pit of a strange doc)

We went to the pharmacy, they didn’t have the meds, in fact it was back ordered!  CRAP!  The kid (ok he’s a pharmacist, but damn he looked 12) got on the computer and tracked down 1 vial, at a place 9 miles away.  He gave us directions and sent us off!  A quest for meds!!  We got there, got his meds, and life was good.

Well, since we were traveling. I stopped to pick up my regular meds.  The dude behind the counter said $51.  Um NO it should be $10!  We had gone through this just a month ago with the other prescription! Well I had him cut it to a 30 instead of a 90 day supply, still had to pay $21, and got out!  I was tired of pharmacies! (Yep, called my insurance today, they called and chewed them out, and I stopped on the way home for the refund!)

On the way to the kid home, I stopped by the longboard shop so the manchild could drop off a permission slip for a “slide session” in the future.  He still does NOT have a board, as his was run over by a car.  Turns out his mom wants him to earn a new one (I’m ok with that) and has things for him to do.  He just needs to get off his butt and start doing it!   Guess what he and I will be talking about after dinner at grandmas tonight!

It was just a strange day!  Nothing that needed to be done, was easy.  I wiped down the whole house to help keep my lovely wife from catching this crap.

Today, everything seems back to normal.  Lets hope the rain stops soon, and this weekend I can get that long ride in.  I really don’t need another tour of 3 pharmacies!


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