I know many of you had to be Looney Tunes fans when you were kids (or even now!)  Cartoon network, even with Sponge Bob, Johnny Bravo and RugRats can’t touch the classics!

But do any of you remember the one with Yob?  The Martian baby who’s rocket ran into the earthling baby on the way to be born. 


Because in the 50s, women didn’t go into labor, they went to the hospital and either a stork or a rocket or a parachute delivered the kids. 

The Earth family had no idea this happened, but they started noticing the kid, Yob, just wasn’t normal….


I bring this up because I am starting to think there is NO way my oldest can be mine!!  (Maybe HE is YOB!)

He is going to be starting his junior year in College in September.  Last year, he had his first apartment.  I took him grocery shopping the first day. It cost me almost $200!!  The kid had recipes!  He wanted diced pimentos!  Hell, I am still not sure what a diced pimento is or what you use it for.  I lived on Kraft Mac and Cheese and cheese burgers, plus trading Barb and Terry baby sitting for real food…  He cooks!!

I found out early on that even on Saturday nights, he was studying. 


“Dude,” I said, “You have to find fun stuff!  It’s college!”  I was thinking intramural sports, or even beer pong…  He took up Tango dancing “Well theirs more girls than guys and they are gorgeous…”  Well I can’t fault the logic, but I can dance a lick….

Speaking of talent, he can sing, play anything with a string, and borrowed a flute to play with during the summer.  I couldn’t even figure out how to play cymbals….

He has an actual fashion sense and girls love him! 


I was more of a crash and burn kinda guy, and without my village my clothes still don’t match.

And the kid is incredibly smart!  He’s carrying straight A’s in his major (Math) and has never gotten below a B+ in any other class…. 


He was also, in high school, and incredible inline speed skater, going to nationals twice!  Yeah I was a helluva flag foot player, but honestly.

Instead of zombie books, Sci Fi, Old Westerns or Mountain climbing books, the kid reads, understands and enjoys literature.  He bought and read the complete works of Edgar Allan Poe, just for fun…

I just can’t help but think somewhere out there is a Martian Family, raising an 80s rock listening, bike riding, zombie watching, Levi wearing, nature loving kid, and wondering “How the hell did he turn out like this?”

Proud of him though!  He is his own person, and he will do well!  But is he realy mine???

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