The Shows I Watched as a Kid!

My last post dealt with a Looney Toons cartoon I liked as a kid, and truthfully, even into adulthood.  I mean, how can you not watch Bugs Bunny, Yosemite Sam, Road Runner, or one of my favorites Foghorn Leghorn!


It started me thinking about the other shows (cartoons and otherwise) that I liked when I was a kid.  Some are well known while others maybe not so much.  So I thought I would share a few!

SeaLab 2020An underwater city, it’s where I first learned about the pressure of deep water as well as “the bends”.  Classic story in cartoons of a brother and sister who wouldn’t listen to their parents and were always getting in trouble!  Scary to think that its only 7 years until 2020…


Speed Racer:  Who doesn’t know about the Mach 5 (can’t tell you how long I thought it was the Mark 5)  Speed, Trixie, Pops, Spritel, Chin Chin, and the car!  To this day sometimes I wish my old wagon had some of the buttons the Mach 5 did.  Never could remember what they all did, but my favorite was the saw blades!


StarBlazersDerick Wildstar (who looked a lot like Speed Racer) Sandor and the rest flying a old battleship across space to fight the Gamalons who were bombing earth with meteor bombs.  Starsha from Iskandar called them to come to her, and helped with the Wave Motion Gun!


Speed BuggyHow many cartoons were there with a bunch of teenagers who solved mysteries?  This one was with a car that could talk!  (kind of) Sadly I have to admit that yes, I can do a pretty darn good Speed Buggy Impression!


Herculoids:  I remember this as a little kid.  But didn’t remember the name.  All I remembered was Tantro, the Rhino like Herculoid that would shoot energy bolts out of his head and charge into things at a dead run!  More than once I got in trouble pretending to be Tantro and knocking over my sister!  Prehistoric planet with this group fighting off evil aliens!


Thundarr the Barbarian:  Gotta love the sunsword!  Who cares if it was a obviously stolen from a light saber.  Never liked HeMan, but Thundarr was a stud!


Danger Island:  UH OH CHONGOOOOO!!  Ok not a cartoon, but a serial show about a professor his daughter, his assistant (Jan Michael Vincent) who get marooned because of Mutan and his prirates.  They meet Morgan and Chongo.  Slapstick action, lots of fights and fun!


Lost in Space:  “Warning Will Robinson!  Meteor Shower approaching! ”  “Never Fear Smith is here!” Classic Sci Fi of a family in space blown off course and lost.  Robots, bad special effects and loved every show!


There are many many more.  Land of the Lost, Scooby Doo, Land of the Giants to name a few.  All were fun, many had fights, explosions, danger, but we, as kids, knew it was make-believe!  We would fight with our sun swords, knock over our sisters, and race like the wind on the Mach 5 (our bikes!) It stirred the imagination, shaped our games, and bring back fond memories.

Do this day, I sometimes slip and say “Uh Oh Chongooooo!”

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3 thoughts on “The Shows I Watched as a Kid!

  1. I always looked looked forward to the Bugs Bunny and Tweety Bird show growing up. Love Foghorn Leghorn, so much so that I have purchased orginal cartoon cells of the show.

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