Ride Prep!

As the rides get longer, especially depending on the route, the prep is more extensive.  For a supported century, I just make sure I have both bottles full, the right clothes, and maybe an extra snack.  The food stops happen often enough that I never have to worry about running out of water or carrying too much with me.

For an unsupported ride, it depends on where I am going.  That, if all goes according to plan, is what I will be doing when this post appears.  I have an unsupported 90 mile ride planned.  This requires MUCH more prep!

First both water bottles and my small camel back will be full and ready to roll.  Its going to be toasty out there and I need to make sure I stay hydrated.  Plus if I ride where I am planning to ride, there aren’t many stores.  This means I need to make sure I have enough. 

That includes food as well!  I will be making up 4 PB&Js tonight, the perfect bike food!  In addition, I hit REI and grabbed cliff bars as well as shotbloks!  Things you can eat as you pedal.  This ride will also let be burn off some of the calories from the giant burrito I had at a unit lunch today!

Speaking of toasty, that means sun. I have not done well doing sun block this year, so I grabbed the 40 block.  If I go where I plan, I will also have issue with mosquitos.  There will be a lot of slow uphill pedaling, which will make me a sitting duck for them!  Bug spray goes in the bag!

Tubes, patches, and CO2 cylinders in case of a flat.  There won’t be anyone driving by with a full repair station as they do on the Seattle to Portland ride. 

Finally the camera and extra batteries!  The views should be gorgeous tomorrow, and I hope to be able to share some amazing pictures with yall.  The extra batteries will make sure I can!

Now you may be wondering why I am not telling you where I am going.  Well I don’t want to jinx it!  To make it work, I will have to have my butt up and out the door by 430 AM!  This leads to the last piece of prep, hitting Starbucks tonight to have a 4 pump Vanilla Ice Tea sitting in the fridge for my wife!  One of our longstanding traditions is I make the Starbuck run on weekend mornings.  She tells me I am silly to do the night before run, but its what I do!

So wish me luck, by the time this first publishes, I hope to be 20 miles in!!

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  1. Good luck. You’ll do fine. Having sag is always the fallback option, although we never want to use that. But hey, you paid for the ride, and that includes support.

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