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OK, I fully intended to sit her and write yet another sad post about my poor stolen bike.  Or maybe talk about my shopping trip to the bike department at REI.  Maybe even whine a bit about the bug bite … Continue reading

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The Wind Rides Again!

Back in the day, which of course means the college years, the Strohsbros and Fros played each and every intramural sport there was.  Flag football, Softball, Volley Ball, Bowling, Basketball and even inner tube water polo!  When you go to … Continue reading

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Go West “Young” Man

So, prior to Friday’s bad news of the bike being stolen, Michelle and I had already planned to come down to Oregon this weekend.  She has been doing the gluten-free thing all year, and that has helped her lose some … Continue reading

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It’s the Simple Things

Hi everyone. Most of you now know that my bike, the source of most of this blog was stolen on Friday. The most important inanimate object in my life is gone. It’s important to me to clarify it this way. … Continue reading

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Well, They Used to Hang Horse Thieves Didn’t they?

OK, today was NOT a good day.  It was Friday, and I was a participant in an all day work shop.  All day being 8 – 4:30.  It was a good class, but it seriously taxed my brain.  Add to it I … Continue reading

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Oh Crap! I Won?? Now What?

It seems it is time for y’all to learn something new about me.  Regular readers of this site know that I am an avid cyclist, I love hiking, I’m a dad, husband, reader and diehard Washington State University Cougar fan! … Continue reading

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Let’s be Efficient

So, lately life has gotten busy.  Between people turning 80 years old, 15 year olds needing to get to the skateboard shop, errands, chores and wanting to spend time with my wife, I have NOT been able to ride during … Continue reading

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The Great Shoe Shopping Trip of 2013

Ok guys, do NOT run away from this post!  I am not sure what shopping is like with your wives/girlfriends, but with mine its easy!  So lets continue! Yep, I promised Michelle that one night this week after work we … Continue reading

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Not Gonna Sneak Up on Me!

I decided I better get back on track here, it seems like it’s been a while since I did a bike related blog post! Anyone who owns a bike knows how much money you can spend on it without even trying.  … Continue reading

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When I became a Coug!

The man-child said something today that made me smile.  Now a bit of background for anyone new.  I graduated from Washington State University in 1987.  I am a diehard Coug fan.  Most of my wardrobe is crimson and gray, and, … Continue reading

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