Racking Up the Miles: June 2013

In most of the US, June is the start of summer!  Time for warm days, short nights, and heading for the beach.  That’s MOST of the US, here in Washington State, we can go the whole month and never hit 70! (This is not an exaggeration)   So, when it comes to riding, there is no way to know what you are in for.

This month is no exception.  It tried out pretty well after a rainy Memorial Day, but for the last 2 weeks, there has been rain off and on.  I got SOAKED one day riding home, and it rained harder all night long!  Now, however, as I write this, it’s been 85 and 90 the last couple days, WAY too hot!

But, weather notwithstanding, it was a good cycling month!

Happy rider!
Happy rider!

I completed my 3rd century ride of the year (never had 3 separate ones before), the FlyWheels Summer Century, crossed the I-90 bridge for the first time, kept up my commute schedule of 3 days home from work, and made it to the top of Chinook Pass!  A month of milestones!

Given all that, I really hadn’t paid attention to the number of miles.  Last month I had record-breaking month of over 500 miles.  I did NOT want to do that again  The legs were fried.  So, after Saturday’s ride, I did the math.  420 miles this month!!!  Damn!  My second highest total of the year, and one of the highest mile months ever!  I was surprised and very pleased!

Next month’s total  will not be this high though.  First off, I do not have any supported rides scheduled.  This is the only month this summer where this is true.  Plus, we are just flat busy this month.  Michelle and I have a whirlwind trip down to Corvallis planned, the man-child will be here a couple of extra weekends, and I am teaching a 3 week class.

HOWEVER, this doesn’t mean I am not riding! I will be commuting home at least 3 times a week (tomorrow is going to be HOT) Next weekend I have a 60 planned, and I will be sure to crank out 40s even when the man-child is here.  Maybe I will see if I can do more errands on the bike as well.

The next big event is the Crater Lake century, but that’s not till mid-August.The biggest excitement this month is , Auburn  Liz and Mighty Manda will be heading out on the STP in mid-July, I’ll be sending lots of bike karma their way!

So, last month’s total was great, but I was fried, this month makes me happy, and I am in good shape! Looks like I have a 400 mile per month ass!  Cuz I am ready to go for tomorrow’s commute home!

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