Hot Weather Wimp!

Yes ladies and gents, this is a very rare year indeed for the Seattle area!  Most years, Memorial Day is wet and downright cold, The first day of summer we are wearing gortex, and we are worried about the fireworks getting “rained out” on the 4th itself.  Then, the weekend after the fourth, summer shows up and it might not rain again until the Western Washington Fair in September.

Yeah, that’s normal years.  This year, not so much.  We are getting record-breaking heat!  Now I know I shouldn’t complain.  It’s 120 in AZ, and FL is always hot, and I am sure my gorgeous niece in Texas would melt if she was riding her horse outside for too long.  Up here though, 90+ is hellahot!

I am a not a native of the Northwest, but I grew up here.  I thrive on cooler weather.

imageYep, here I am hiking at Mt. Rainier in the snow in sandals!  It was fun!  My favorite thing is to be at the ocean when its foggy when days are like this in Seattle.  Ironically, Michelle and I scheduled a week on the Oregon Coast with the Man-child, but then I started a new job and had to give up the time 🙁

Cold is easy!  When its cold you can always put on more layers to stay warm.  For me, as long as the upper body is warm, I can wear shorts darn near all year round!

Hot is different.  You can only take off so much clothing in public or worse yet at work.  We have a dress code.  Guys have to wear pants or jeans.  Many ladies break out summer dresses this time of year.  Now I like it when they do that, my wife looked amazing in her’s and the cowgirl boots today!


However, we guys don’t have that option! I guess the equivalent would be wearing a kilt, but:

  1. I don’t know if I have the legs to pull it off
  2. I am Italian, not Scottish
  3. I am nor sure it would be in dress code
  4. I don’t know how to sit in a kilt, and don’t want to flash the class I am teaching!  That would surely land me in HR!

This means all I can do is grin and bear it (or my choice, complain a lot!)  Hot weather makes me grouchy.  I am not looking for the  rain to come back, riding in the rain bites!  But I love partly cloudy and 70!  Its shirt sleeve biking weather, and you can stop in the sun yet still be comfy!  75 means you need to pedal fast to generate a wind, and find shade.  Above that?  Cranky!! I rode home in 92 degree heat Monday night, even downhill the wind was hot!

OK, my complaining, for tonight, is done.  Nothing I can do to change the weather.  I just hope this early heat is not a harbinger of the rest of the summer. Most of us in Seattle do NOT have A/C, it’s just not needed often enough.  During these days though it is tempting!  I will still ride, and I will be draconian on hydrating.  Keep the fans running, and know that anyone in truly hot areas of the country reading this are laughing at me right now!

Folks, it’s just too damn hot!

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