Friday Lite

It’s always strange when a holiday falls in the middle of the week.  In my office, this only occurs for July 4th, Thanksgiving (cuz we are open on the Friday after) Christmas and New Years.  All others are either on a Monday always, or I just don’t get them off.

So all day Wednesday, I was calling Friday Lite.  It wasn’t a real Friday, as we only get one day off instead of a whole weekend, but its better than nothing.

I think Friday Lite had the world a bit messed up though.  First, during the class I was teaching, a guest speaker showed up out of the blue!  “OH HI ANNE!  We were waiting for you!”  (I had NO stinkin clue she was coming.  I was using the wrong class calendar.)  She believed we knew she was coming, but I admitted to the class after she left how surprised I was.  Made them laugh at me.

Add to it the fact I felt like I couldn’t speak an entire 3 word sentence coherently, and it was just a weird work day.  It was soon after the guest speaker that I realized I had no idea of the whereabouts of the key to my bike lock.  I looked high and low, and finally found it still in the lock…  Not sure how secure that is!  Good thing there are cameras AND it is right outside the guard station at work…

Even the bike commute home was strange.  The weather was PERFECT!  It had cooled off and there was a decent breeze.  It just felt good, and it seemed like a normal commute along my normal boring route.  But then…

My route goes North on Eastlake Ave in Seattle.  It’s a two-lane road, with parking in the right lane until either 3 or 4 PM.  After those times, it’s a tow-away zone.  The city wants both lanes clear for people heading home.  Tow trucks are ready to pounce on cars that don’t move on time.  I watch them almost every day, hooking up and getting ready to leave with a vehicle.I have often wondered what it is like if the person came out while being hooked up.

Today I found out.  The tow truck driver was a smaller guy, the car owner, a big man, and the man was screaming at the tow truck driver.  “Call the damn cops!  I want them here!  You are stealing my car!  Call the cops now!”  The towtruck driver just sat there smiling.  All this in the few seconds I pedaled up hill past them.  I almost stopped to watch, but thought better of it.  I still wonder what happened there!  Getting you car towed would suck, but he was parked right NEXT to the sign saying no parking after 3 and this was 345.

Three minutes later I was stopped dead by the University Bridge, a drawbridge, being in the up position.

English: Seattle's University Bridge from the ...
Seattle’s University Bridge from the west; part of the Ship Canal Bridge is visible in the top right corner.

This is a very rare occurrence.  It was even stranger given the fact I looked in the water on both sides, and saw nothing bigger than a kayak.  No stinking clue why it was raised….

Soon after that, I saw something I had never seen before.  There was a guy, riding his bike, towing another bike.  How you may ask?  He had the front tire of the second bike stuff into one of his panniers, and then strapped down.  Genius I say!  I’ve always pondered (no real reason why, just have) how you could tow one bike with another.  Maybe there is a chance of starting a AAA for bikes!

Finally, at a road the Burke-Gilman trail crosses, a car came to a stop at a stop sign and waved me across.  Just as I was in front of him, he started forward pretty quick!  Good thing I ALWAYS keep an eye on cars, and I have good reflexes!  He never came close, but this NEVER happens at this road!!

So you see, it’s almost like world just can’t handle 2 Fridays. Here my normally boring commute had all kinds of fun stuff to see and experience!  If this happens too many more times, I will have to get a camera for my helmet to share with y’all!

Happy 4th everyone!

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