My buddy Jim is a published author.  He has one #1 book on Amazon, he is in the process of writing the sequel, and he is writing a 3rd book on the side.  All while being a husband and a Dad to 2 little ones.  Helluva guy!

Today on Facebook he posted something that started me thinking.  I’ll paraphrase here.  In essence it said “to a writer, anything, a conversation, an interaction or a daily event can ultimately end up as a subject to write about.”

This started me thinking about me and my inspirations.  First off, I want to be perfectly clear.  I am NOT a real writer.  I do not have the patience, talent or skill to sit and write a book.  I have a better chance of running back a kickoff for a touchdown in the NFL.

What I am , though, is a cowboy with his own blog.  I have been doing this now since January of this year.  According to my Admin page, this is my 202nd post.  So basically I have done a post every day since I have started.  I didn’t intend to be a daily blogger, it just sorta happened.

This is why Jim’s post resonated with me.  I have found myself doing the same thing.  I never know exactly what will spawn a post.  My blog still revolves mostly around my cycling, but I do not limit myself to that subject.  Anything can spur a blog.  A song, a conversation, a news story, something I see as I bike by, a memory, a story I haven’t thought of in a while, a TV show, or even the weather.  ALL of these have inspired at least one post.

I don’t want anyone to think I find this easy though.  There are times I open Larry (My wife’s MacBook), bring up WordPress and just look at the screen.  I have no idea (hell even less than an idea) about what I will write about.  Manys the time I thought about just closing Larry and going back to reading the Kindle or Playing Words With Friends.

But then, each time (so far anyway, knock on wood) something clicks.  At times, its something I have been thinking about all day.  Other times, it just hits me out of the blue.  And there are even times that I start typing, and a word or phrase makes me start over again!

This brings me back to Jim’s post.  Since I have started 10000 Miles, I find I am more observant.  I look at the world when I ride.  I listen to people more when they talk to me, or even, when they are talking to someone else.  I pay attention to the news, and life in general.  I also find it means I enjoy things more now.  Its fun thinking about what I will say, how I will say it, and if its blogworthy.

I even go so far as to keep an 8.5 x 11 yellow waterproof tablet with me in order to jot down things.  It sucks to think of a good subject just to find out that when you are ready to type you have NO idea what you were thinking 3 hours ago!

So I guess bottom liner is this:  One never knows what will inspire someone.  I find myself wondering how many times I may have caused someone to post (I know of one for sure) and I am glad I have a number of people I interact with (old friends and current coworkers) that help me keep going!

I can’t promise there will always be a daily post on Mountainstroh, (hell some of you might want me to post less!) but I promise to post anytime I feel something worth writing about hits me!  And as long as yall keep reading it, then it’s definitely blogworthy!

6 thoughts on “Blogfodder

  1. Great post! I’ve definitely had many days where I open WordPress only to find myself staring out the window for half an hour thinking.

    There have been many times I start out writing about one thing and then end up with an entirely different post. It’s always great to see where the wave of inspiration takes you when you ride it. Keep it up! 🙂

  2. Dude, I missed this one! Thanks for the shout out. But let me say for the record, Dude, you can write. I’ve loved your posts, you’ve really surprised me!

    I hear your voice during each post and you can really tell a story. Are they all going to be your best stuff? No, but you sure are nailing it. The real reason … you are writing with emotion and passion. If you’ve got that, you’ve got all you need.

  3. It’s the same way for me. Sometimes I have no idea what to write about and other times something just hits me. Honestly, I sometimes google blog post ideas 😉

    1. Megan that is not a bad idea! Last night took me a while. I also need to learn that it doesn’t need to be a daily blog, but I’ve gotten into the habit, so if I don’t post I feel like something is missing

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