Finding Time

Ok folks, ask anyone that knows me in real life.  They will tell you that I am Cold and Callous!  Yep, antisocial and it’s every man for himself!

Well maybe not everyone.  There are the kids, they may be 15 and 20, but there are plenty of times they  just need some time.  A couple of weeks ago, the oldest woke me up at almost midnight, just to tell me he decided he had to quit his door to door job.  I think he thought I was going to be mad at him.  Quite the opposite.  I was proud of him for trying and there is no way I could ever had done that job.  He needed time and sleep was overrated.  The next week he already lined up a replacement job!

Most importantly though, is time with Michelle my wife.  Lord we are busy people.  I am not sure how it happens that there is something that needs to be done almost everyday.  She is a member of the arthritis foundation, a district officer in Toastmasters, and has an 80 year old mom. (She needs time too!)

I am none of the above (my mom is young and looks more like my older sister) , but I have a weekly night with the man-child, training for my bike rides, work, and whatever else comes up.  In short, its hard to find time for just us.

So we MAKE time.

First we are lucky and work together.  This means 3-5 days a week we get to commute together each morning.  This means I get to steal kisses at red lights, when we get to work in the garage and while in the elevator (if I am lucky and no one else gets on with us!) (A tip:  If you get in the elevator with your significant other, pretend to push a button for a floor.  The doors will close and it will sit there until she realizes you are moving yet 🙂  ) I love our mornings together.

Then there are the weekends.  One day each weekend, I have to ride to stay in shape and get ready for Crater Lake.  If she has something she needs to do on one day or the other, then that’s the day I ride.  We woulda been apart anyway, so it minimizes it.

The rest of the weekend, we do the errands together!

Biking to the grocery store!
Biking to the grocery store!

We hit the grocery store, pharmacist, farmers market, car wash, Target, the Mall, Starbucks, or anywhere else.  I can see some now going, “Wow exciting, grocery store wooohooo.” The thing is though, we like each other and like to spend time together.  Yes, we are perfectly ok on our own, and we do so all the time.  But when together we laugh, joke, play peanut (slug bug) look for bunnies and make fun of other drivers.

When we park to get out, there are extra kisses, (ok yes I am greedy, but she is darn good at it!) There are times we are dancing to the music in Safeway, or trying to figure out WHY that girl needed to wear THAT to target, or rolling our eyes when the person at Starbucks has 7 items on the cell phone to order, and “OH, my electronic account thingie isn’t working I’ll run and get my wallet!”

We try for a couple of date nights a month.  But nothing beats, to me, our mornings and errand times.  It’s just nice to have someone you love, and you do what you can to have as much time with her as possible!

I now return to my cold and callous self!

9 thoughts on “Finding Time

  1. Aaaww you guys sound so cute together! I love hearing about couples that still appreciate each other.

    Being away from home for almost a month is definitely making me and my bf miss our routines together. This coming Sunday will be our first “wine and movie” night since early June!

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