Have Swiss Army Knife, Will Travel

I am, and have always been an old western fan.  One of the ones I used to watch as a kid (in reruns mind you!) was Have Gun Will Travel.  In fact I can, if you’d like, sing you part of the theme song (No? OK)   It was a series about a hired gun, Pallidan, who would travel as needed to different jobs.

Well, I am not sure I could hit the broad side of a barn door, HOWEVER, there are times that the Swiss Army knife and I are called upon to work miracles.  (OK miracles MAY be a bit much, but the knife does save the day)

Yesterday was a case in point though, the mom in law needed a bit of help.

A week ago Sunday we were over at her place (she hits 80 this week, and lives in her own apartment at an assisted living community) and her place was an oven!  Now remember, we live in the Northwest.  Unlike the rest of the world, we do not have air conditioning standard.  HOWEVER, when it does get hot it can be HOT!  This is her first year in this place, and while we were there, I heard both her and my wife say something I had never heard before.  I’M HOT!  (I am the one who has issues with being too warm normally!)

Well, also in Seattle, the first time it gets hot there is a run on fans and anything that cools.  Michelle and I knew there wasn’t a chance in hell that we’d find a portable air unit at the hardware store, so we dove to the internet!

Well after some frustrations with the UPS online deal, I saw that it was to be delivered yesterday!  (which is good cuz July and August are the hottest months!  And she was getting grouchy.)  So I arranged to head over there after work (good son-in-law karma is never a bad thing.)

I had a moment of panic though.  In her complex, nothing can hang out the window.  She called and said it looked like it was the in the window type unit.  I looked it up, and CRAP!!! she is right!! Then, after trying to figure out how I was going to explain to an octogenarian who is a foot taller than I am, and about to melt from the heat that she was screwed, I realized I hit the wrong hyperlink!

Where, just the vent fit in the window!  No worries, and I was OFF!  But what I neglected to grab were any tools!!  However, as always. I had the swiss army knife with meimageimage

I am telling you, with the knife of mine, a roll of duct tape, and a can of WD40, I coulda built the egyptian pyramids in half the time!

When I got there, she was very excited, her friends had all seen the box, and told her they all had “Just that one!”  Using the blade, scissors and screw driver, 45 minutes later, I had cold air flowing.

This was after panic attack #2 when i turned it on and NUTHIN happened.  Plug I selected was attached to a light switch on a wall!  PHEW!

I am not the most mechanically minded person in the world, but I made a little (ok NOT so little) old lady very happy!

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