The Energy Boosting Commute

Since April I have regularly commuted home from work on the bike at least 3 times a week.  I am very lucky that my wife and I work at the same place, so we can simply throw the bike on the rack and carpool in, and I bike home when I get off work.  This keeps me from having to wake up at 4 AM and cycle in, which isn’t meant to happen to anyone!

On days I drive, I find, even on those rare days that traffic is good, that the commute leaves me tired.  It is worse on those days that I’ve worked hard all day, and I’m simply just beat before leaving the office.  

This week has been particularly hard.  I am in the second week of a three-week long new hire class (I am the trainer.) This means for the last 2 weeks I have had to be ‘ON’  all day long.  Keep the class moving, exciting, energetic and be ready with the answers.  It can wear you out.  Add to this

  1. It’s the first class I’ve taught longer than 3 days in 3 years.
  2. Its my first time teaching this course with this material so I am learning as well.
  3. I haven’t been able to do the lunch walk because of class.

It means I am working doubly hard!  Yesterday, I was flat exhausted.  I figured out that this was the first day I did not allow my self an afternoon Diet Mountain Dew (DMD).  So yes the energy level was very low…

(Wow you may be asking, what a whiny boring post…)

Well, let me tell you, things changed as soon as I got outside.  The bike was waiting for me and ready to go.  The weather was perfect!  Slight tail wind, clouds, lower 70s, almost cool enough for a jacket but not quite. It felt good out there.

As soon as the shoes clipped into the pedals, the tiredness was gone!  The wind was in my face, no traffic to worry about at all, and I was pushing it.  I didn’t even think of work at all on the ride.  In fact, it woke me up and put me in a better mood than a DMD ever did.

I swear, even the bike trail gods were smiling at me.  No herds of moms with baby joggers blocking the path.  No kids in the way, no cars at the road crossings, and even the stop lights were in my favor. I cut 10 minutes off my normal commute.

The exercise and fresh air, the lake views and the hill climbs were better than any caffeine I could’ve taken.  I was able to get home, and still had enough energy to get some things done!  Now, as I type this though, I can feel the tiredness returning.  Its a good kind of tired, but lord I will sleep well!

Its too bad I can’t teach while riding a century ride, somehow I don’t she the boss okaying that.  However, next week I can bike home each day, this means I will be bright eyed and bushy tailed and ready to deal with the 15 year old man child who is spending the week with us!

So, if you exhausted at the end of the day, figure out how to pedal home, it will do wonders!!


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  1. That is a great set up to carpool in and ride home. Because yea…that is too early to even think about!

    Cool post!!

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