OK, in the interest of full disclosure, I am not the most prim and proper person.  I know this may come as a shock to some, as I am sure I come across as a James Bond, dashing and debonair, kinda guy.


Nope, this is not me.  In the rare instance that I sit at a table with more than one fork or spoon I grab the biggest and use it for the entire meal.  I am also OK with picking up the soup bowl and drinking the last of the broth from the bottom.  My laughs and sneezes are hella loud, and sometimes, though I try to control it, a burp will slip out…  Not the obnoxious Ogre burp from “Revenge of the Nerds“, but loud enough for my lovely wife to hear across the table. 


I also have no problem breaking out the phone to answer or send a text (depending on who it’s from, Kids need answers quickly sometimes!)

One thing I do NOT do is talk on the cell in the restaurant.  Hell, I won’t even do it if I am sitting in Starbucks.  If the phone buzzes, I look to see if it’s someone I should talk to (refer to the above named kids).  I will answer just long enough to say “hang tuff a minute” and go out to the lobby, outside, or somewhere I won’t bug people.  And I NEVER pick up the phone and call someone from the table.

Why do I bring this up?

Well the man-child and I were going to the movies last night, and we decided to eat at Johnny Rockets in Pacific Place (a downtown Mall).  Now this is just a burger place, NOT fancy at all.  We don’t like fancy.  I had never been before, but the man-child recommended it.  (By the way, the barbecue chicken melt sandwich rocked!)

 We were in our booth, and I noticed someone walk in and sit in the booth behind us.  I didn’t see what she looked like, as we were talking.  But within 15 seconds of her sitting down I am betting this was her!


Yep, the woman immediately picked up the phone and started talking (shouting) into it.  Not once, but multiple times! “HI!!  I AM TRYING TO FIND ELLIOT AND WISH HIM A HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!  HAVE HIM CALL ME!!!”  5, yes 5! times!!  On the 4th call I looked at the Man-child and said “Hey did you know today is Elliot’s birthday?”  He almost shot root beer out his nose…

Pacific Place is huge place.  Plenty of places to sit outside of stores and restaurants to use the phone.  And its a quiet mall, so there would be no problem hearing.  So my question. “If you know you are going to make a call, why come into the restaurant first????”

Then, of course, someone called her back, and we all got to hear how great a mom she was, and how much she had to do, and…..  Lord that woman’s voice carried.

Sorry about the rant, but this lady annoyed me.  In a place like this, a family restaurant, I don’t mind crying babies, loud kids, or even kids walking around.  It’s a hazard of going there.  I don’t mind people talking at a table who might be loud, some people are hard of hearing.  But this chick was just plain rude and didn’t care about anyone else but herself:  “I have calls to make and by gawd I will make them when I want to!”

 OK, now I will go get some cheese to have with my whine and drop it now 🙂  thanks for listening!





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  1. That IS so annoying! People do it all the time, but I’m like you–I avoid talking on my cell in public, and especially in crowded places. I hate having to hear conversations on the bus. Ugh! I really don’t want to know about your doctor visit, okay? jeez, people!

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