Have you ever sat and thought about what people think of when they think of you? Or, what events or things cause people to think about you? (Ever hear someone say: I heard this yesterday, and you totally popped into my head!!) To me, this second question is the most accurate reflection of your reputation.

Personally, I find I have quite of few different “reputations”.

“Avoiding” work lunches and after hours gatherings: In most cases, I either like or at least get along with the people I work with. I don’t mind chatting in the office, or even walking down to the cafeteria to get a coffee or a Diet Mtn Dew. However, my lunch times I like to use to walk outside and get away from the office. After work, its time to go home. Spend time with Michelle, read, relax or even date nights. NONE of these include spending time with people from work.

Shoot, yesterday I got out of going to lunch with my new trainees and their managers. I have the reputation as the most anti-social trainer ever. I own that and it works for me! However, I am a damn good trainer and the classes love me!

Hating Meetings: Folks, I firmly believe that 90% of all meetings at work could be handled just as well with a well-crafted email and a few replies! At the Holy P my boss was always late, unprepared, and many of the meetings degraded into fights! I used EVERY trick I knew not to go, or if I did, to call into it instead. At least then I could play angry birds and tone them out. Being at a new job, I am NOT avoiding meetings here. But I still think a good email is more efficient!

Not going to Weddings or Funerals: HATE going to these things. Mine with Michelle was fun! Our buddy Stu married us, it was in a restaurant, and the food and wine was good. Going to a church and sitting watching someone else get married? NOT FUN!! I almost got out going to my kid brother’s wedding in Montana in the middle of summer! But then I got named best man!! A tux, in 90 degree weather, in a church, NO air conditioning!!!!!! UGH!!!!!

I am sure there are others. Saying the wrong thing at the wrong time; making jokes at the wrong time (weddings and funerals for examples); being cold and callous, all apply.

Now regular readers know that posts like this usually have one cause or another that inspires me to write it. And you’d be correct.

I am kind of proud of a reputation I have earned here at the Mighty P. Last weekend was the Seattle to Portland ride. No lie, every day this week I have had multiple people ask me how well I did on the ride. Thing is, I didn’t ride it. This year the STP just didn’t fit into the schedule and I’ve only ridden two times total in the past. But, I have earned the reputation as a serious cyclist here at work. People see me commute home on the bike, they know I ride to the top of mountain passes for fun, or crank out 100 miles for a work out.

People assuming I did the STP makes me feel good. I don’t know about everyone, but I can get down on myself. Getting old, falling apart, “HEY, why is my dad looking at me in the mirror?? OH that’s me”, “Dude you are allowing too many chocolate chip cookies into your snack regimen and it shows!” All of these things have gone through my head recently.

People asking me about the STP, just assuming that I rode it, tells me that no matter what I think personally at times, others see me as serious cyclist that can ride 200 miles in a weekend and be back to work like nothing happened. Most times I don’t care what people think about me, but this one makes me happy!

At least I know that not ALL my reputations are bad!! And who knows, maybe I will ride it next year!

2 thoughts on “Reputations

  1. An interesting and thoughtful post. I think I’ll give this some thought and write a similar one. I know that ours would look a little similar, especially with the anti-social reputation =) I’m an introvert, what can I say?

    And weddings are boring! Usually, seen one, seen them all. Your wedding sounds nice, though. Low key, casual. Ours was similar…in some ways. We kind of eloped to Vegas (close friends + family attended, total crowd less than 20!) and then went to dinner together. We still dressed up all fancy, and spent the day walking around Vegas (Imagine: me in a wedding dress and gym shoes) and saw Cirque de Soleil. It was amazing. And cheap.

    Pretty cool that they assumed you rode the STP ride 🙂 Not a bad reputation at all.

    1. Ok I think a post on the shoes and wedding dress running around Vegas is called for as well! With pictures!

      Yep our wedding was in the dining room of our favorite restaurant. 45 or so of friends and family. Very low key!

      I will keep an eye out for your post, glad I could inspire a post, and I like being an introvert, it has it’s benefits!

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