So THAT’s how you do it!

Yesterday was my mom-in-law’s second “40th” birthday brunch.  If you missed the first post on this, Mum wasn’t all that excited about turning 80 this year.  So I suggested we take her to 2 ‘turning 40″ brunches instead.  She liked that idea!

This brunch was at the Barking Frog, one of her favorite places.  It’s one of the restaurants attached to the Willows Lodge.  I am not too partial to this place for dinner, the food is a bit too fancy for me, but for brunch on the weekend its great!

Now, we (Myself, Michelle, her mom and her brother) go out for brunch about once every two months or so.  We go for every birthday, and then sometimes just because Mom likes brunch.  Each brunch is the same regardless of where we go:

  1. The brother-in-law is always grouchy (this can vary from surly to the silent treatment)
  2. Mom is always excited (this is the important part since she is the reason for brunch)
  3. I pay attention to her order to be sure she orders what she actually wants (she is very soft-spoken, and hard of hearing, so somethings there is a communication gap with her and the servers)
  4. Mom’s hearing aids are acting up (never fails…)
  5. Brother in Law always goes outside to smoke after he is done
  6. The Brother in law NEVER pays!

Now this last one isn’t really that big a deal, except for one thing.  The man is single, has no rent or mortgage (in fact no debt at all), and makes more money (by far) that my wife and I put together.  The man is frugal with his money.

Well, today, we were running par for the course.  1-5, happened like clockwork.  the grouchy scale was on the lower side, and all was normal with the world.  B I L finished his meal, and he moseyed outside to puff away.  The check showed up and I looked at my wife and said “So, I wonder what would happen if we just put the check in front of him?”

“Let’s See!” says she, and the grabbed it and did so!  Little sisters can do this! Well he came back in, and  muttered something that I can only assume was “have to pay???”  Meanwhile I chatted with Mom and Michelle just smiled her cute little sister smile at him.

Guess what?  He paid!  I feel kind of bad for the server, since I have no idea what kind of tipper he is. I am also not sure what effect this had on the bad mood scale.  I do know that he dropped off mom and left because “He had work to do” but this isn’t that abnormal!

Wow, who knew all we had to do was put the check in front of him!  We may have to do this every other time or so!!

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