When I became a Coug!

The man-child said something today that made me smile.  Now a bit of background for anyone new.  I graduated from Washington State University in 1987.  I am a diehard Coug fan.  Most of my wardrobe is crimson and gray, and, even though we have had some SERIOUSLY tough years lately, I always look forward to football season!  During this time I root for 2 teams, My Cougars and whatever team (Yes even the Trojans or the Ducks) who are playing the Huskies from UW this week.

Today, my wife was going through some old photos, and found one of her in 1987.  She was wearing a Coug shirt (we were destined to be together) even though she went to Oregon State.  I laughed and said, “I bet I was wearing a Coug shirt that day to, wherever I was!”  Manchild looked at me and said, “You were probably born wearing a WSU shirt!”  NOPE!  Up and until my senior year I really had no plans to go to college, or cared about any school, let alone WSU.I was a great student in High School academically.  Not straight As, but within spittin distance, and taking Calculus, Chemistry and upper level classes in every other subject.  I won’t say I was the best looking guy in school


And I was VERY much a nerd, but I had lots of friends and teachers liked me!

I am not sure what my parents had planned for me after high school, but then I had never asked them, but I was focused on graduating and working the summer as a bag boy.  OK, I was never, and I am still not great planner!  Good thing Michelle is!

Anyhow, one day I got to school early during my Sr year, and I was roaming the halls when this little gnome looking guy (seriously, I am only 5’7″ on a good day, he was 5 inches shorter than I, big head, bald as a billiard ball!)  walked up to me and introduced himself as my counselor Mr. Storvick.

“Let’s apply to some colleges together!” said he.  I am pretty sure I answered with a very articulate “Huh?”  “What are your plans after high school?” he asked.  This time I am pretty sure I shrugged and mumbled something.

Next thing I know, we had filled out two applications, one for UW and one for WSU.  Remember me saying I was clueless?  I knew UW was in Seattle, so I assumed WSU was too!

A few weeks later, I was accepted by WSU and told to pound sand by the losers in UW.  OK!  WSU it is! Soon there after people started telling me how much fun I would have partying in Idaho since the drinking age was 19 back then (1982).  IDAHO?  What does Idaho have to do with WSU???

A friend of mine took be by the hand to the library (before smart phones and Google you know!) and showed me a map.  Sure as hell!  WSU is in Pullman, this tiny little dot in the map in the middle of wheat fields, 8 miles from Idaho!

Was I bummed?  Nope, suddenly, thanks to Mr Storvick, I had a plan and I was excited!  And, it was the best thing that ever happened to me (until I met Michelle).  There is a bond that is formed by anyone who goes to WSU that is unique among colleges.    I have never regretted going, and I visit any chance I get.  Had UW not told me to eat dirt, I would be one of the mindless drones who root for the Dawgs, and have little personality (OK maybe not THAT bad…)

I am not sure if that little guy is even still alive, but if I meet up with him I owe him a hug and beer, not necessarily in that order.

And I may not have been born with a Coug shirt on, but odds are good I will die and be cremated with one on!  GO COUGS!!

Game Faces!
Game Faces!



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