Not Gonna Sneak Up on Me!

I decided I better get back on track here, it seems like it’s been a while since I did a bike related blog post!

Anyone who owns a bike knows how much money you can spend on it without even trying.  Clothes, helmets, gloves, shoes, pedals, tires, GPS, odometer, panniers, tools, tune ups, components, lights rain gear… The list goes on and on.

Working next to REI like I do, I love taking the “short cut” through the store, including the bike section, just to see all the stuff I could buy if I wanted to.  All I have to say is that it’s a good thing I am a cheap bastard, otherwise I’d need a second job.

So, given how much things cost, I am VERY happy to doing a post on something that I use each and every time I ride. ( In fact, last week going to the store I forgot it, and it made the 1 mile round trip NOT as enjoyable!) Something that makes a rider safer when traveling on road or bike path, AND costs less than $20.  Yep that’s right, less than $20!

What is it?  It’s the Bike Pedaler Take a Look Mirror!  Yep, a simple rearview mirror for your bike.


Now I tried multiple different ones prior to finding this one.  I tried a couple that stuck to the handle bars of the bike.  Lost them both.  One that stuck to my helmet, flew off on the first ride.  Even one that fits where you put the plugs to hold your handle bar wrap.  That one is still there, since I lost the original plug, but its useless.

This Take a Look Mirror firs on your glasses.  It slides on and off (tightly) using three prongs.


This means you can use it with any pair!  I have used it with my cheap clear shop classes when dark, both my nice sets of glasses and the emergency pair I keep in my desk!  I have imageyet to find a pair it won’t work with.

Now I will freely admit it took a bit of getting used to.  First I had to get it set correctly so I could see behind me instead of my own eyeball.  Then I had to learn to how to look into it while riding.  It sits just outside my normal field of vision.   When I want to see, I look “at” it and I can see forever behind me.   (After one long ride with it, it worked perfectly)

In all honesty, I can’t see how people ride on roads without mirrors.  It is just like a car to me.  I use it while commuting to see if anyone is coming up on me quick.  On bike paths, I can look behind me to see if other bikers are there (and haven’t yelled “LEFT”) before I pass the little old couple out for a walk.  In organized rides it allows me to keep an eye on whatever group I might be riding with at the time.  All combined, it keeps me safer.  My theory is, the more I can see, the less that can sneak up and hit me!

When I went on the trip to the store, I mentioned above, I grabbed the glasses but forgot the mirror.  Both ways, I kept trying to use the mirror that wasn’t there, and then craning my neck to see if it was safe to merge.  I honestly believe that if I ever forget it on a long ride, I will stop at the first open bike store to buy a new one! (I have 2 now JUST in case.)  Luckily, I keep it in my helmet, so if when I grab it, I know I have it!

So, if you are thinking of getting one, this one is perfect.  If you are wondering if you need one I highly recommend it.  And for you single folks, it will allow you to check out the person behind you to see if you want to initiate a conversation or speed up and run away without them seeing you!

4 thoughts on “Not Gonna Sneak Up on Me!

  1. Good to know! I agree, I NEED a mirror. Especially because I wear Rx glasses, so my peripheral vision isn’t great. I have one on my handlebar. It’s my second. Broke the first one after giving some drivers a fun show–smashing myself into the ground while learning how to use clipless shoes. Hehe. That poor mirror. And my poor ego.

    Anyway, always good to know about other mirrors!

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