The Great Shoe Shopping Trip of 2013

Ok guys, do NOT run away from this post!  I am not sure what shopping is like with your wives/girlfriends, but with mine its easy!  So lets continue!

Yep, I promised Michelle that one night this week after work we could head downtown (since we work in Seattle) and hit the Nordstrom sale.  The woman needed shoes! 

Now again, to many guys this is hell on earth.  My wife is different.  First off, I can count the number of shopping trips she has gone on in the last year on one hand.  She also hates to spend a long time shopping.  There are times we walk in one door, and straight out another door without even touching a single item.  Its easy shopping with her!

Now add to this we were going to Nordstroms.  They have WiFi for free.  So I can find a chair, and send her on a search mission while i surf with the iPod.  I have one rule though. when she tries stuff on, I get to see!  OK we have, known each other since 1997 and been married 3.5 years and I STILL love checking her out!

Today the mission was shoes.  Aside from a cool pair of cowboy boots in Walla Walla earlier this year, she hasn’t bought shoes in years.  We showed up, did our customary lap of the dept to see if there was anything worth trying, and hooked up with Megan the saleslady.  She was happy, energetic,cute and had great taste. (Many of the others looked either like Herb Tarlick from WKRP, or bored Real Housewives of  (enter city here) Most importantly, Michelle was the most important thing to her while we were there!  We left happy!

While I was there, I played with the iPod and then made a run to the restroom.  On the way I saw an outfit that:

  1. She would like
  2. She would look good in!

These two do NOT always go together.  I try to get her in items that are shorted to show off her legs, but many times I get “the look!”  ( I am NOT wearing that! ) This time, it was a VERY nice dress (I’ve had advanced training in clothes selection for her. (for me NOT so much)) that was her color, showed off some leg, and would be gorgeous.  A win win!  Except it was a Burberry dress.  This means it was $600!!!!  I have good taste but we both said HELL NO!!!

I ended up leaving the shoe dept with a very happy wife!  A successful trip!

We were hungry, so it was off the IL Fornaio, the closest italian place!  And I experienced something there I had NEVER seen before.

Now, I have spewed beer over a cute girl I just met, spilled more than my share of beers and even wine in my travels though life, but tonight I was NOT the spiller!

We were at the table, and had barely touched out first glasses of wine, when the meals showed up.  We frequently order something the other would like so we can share bites.  Just as I picked up my knife and fork, she sliced a piece of her meal and went to put it on my plate.  She tapped her wine glass JUST hard enough to tip it, and like dominoes, it hit mine!  She was able to grab her’s, but my hands were still full, YEP, full glass of wine into my plate, and onto my legs (GOTTA love shorts!  Easy to dry legs!).

She was embarrassed!  But like I said, I’ve never seen her spill!  it was a fluke!

The wait staff was amazing!  4 people converged on the table, I was given towels, the plate was removed and a new glass of wine appeared in seconds!  Minutes later, a new plate of pasta appeared out of nowhere!  We went on to enjoy our meal and have a great time.

Tomorrow after work I will take a long bike ride, lord knows I need it.  Tonight though, I enjoyed the hell out of spending the evening with my wife!

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  1. I really have to be in the mood to shop for clothes, even then I get bored easily. Now, put me in an antique mall/vintage shop and that’s a different story 🙂

      1. 🙂 That’s an outdoor/rec store right? I think I saw it in a previous post. Definitely can see you there 🙂

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