Well, They Used to Hang Horse Thieves Didn’t they?

OK, today was NOT a good day.  It was Friday, and I was a participant in an all day work shop.  All day being 8 – 4:30.  It was a good class, but it seriously taxed my brain.  Add to it I need to help teach what we learned today in 2 weeks, there was a serious stress level. PLUS it went late!

I was VERY happy that I was going to be cycling home.  There is nothing better after a mind filling, stressful day, than to pedal hard and enjoy yourself.  

When I got to the bike rack though, this is what I found on the ground…..


If you look near the top you will see the cable has been cut!  Yep, my bike is gone!  Now, I can hear it from the cyclist out there. “Why the HELL did you have a lock like that???”  Well I’ll tell ya.  I park in the garage of the company I work for.  There are cameras and the bike rack in within 100 feet of the guard station.  So I figured this was enough to discourage a snatch and grab.

Yeah, not so much.  In reviewing the tapes, the guards found that the dirtbag (I will NOT tell you what I call him in my mind, this is a family blog and my mom reads it, but trust me, it AINT dirt bag!) rode his bike from the alley across the street, somehow got into our garage at 12:37, and was seen blazing out the bottom floor of the garage at 12:44!

Yep, the bike that I have pedaled for almost 13000 miles.  The one that got me to Portland in one day, along the Oregon Coast, and completed the High Pass Challenge.  HELL, the bike that carried me to every major cycling highlight I’ve ever had (Except for learning to ride) is now under some guys ass traveling through Seattle.

OK, I will admit it I almost cried.  I know it’s just a bike, and I know I can replace it.  But I feel like I lost an appendage.  I never had to think when riding that bike.  And now its gone.  Hell, I can’t even file a police report right now because the lines are busy with real emergencies.  You’d think there would be a direct line for bikes!!

Then I start thinking of all the other items aside from the bike itself.  The fenders, gel seat, the small bag attached to the saddle, the co2 cylinder tire inflater and cylinders, the tire pump, the armadillo tires, odometer, lights, cell phone holder, rack and clipless pedals!!  ALL needing to be replaced.  Add to it, I have a century in 3 weeks, and NO time to break in a new bike…  AND its the hardest century of the year, the one that winds through Crater Lake.

I’m mad, sad, hurt, numb and lost…  My two-wheeled friend is gone…

BUT, there’s more.  I still needed to get home, and traffic south from my house to the work was sucking something fierce.  So I decided to take the bus.  I called home, Michelle told me how sorry she was, and looked up what bus to take.  I was bit brain fried.  Yep, you may have guessed it, got on the wrong flippin bus…..  Yeah never even slowed at my exit, or for the next 6….  I ended up somewhere lost in Everett.

Luckily, I found a nice lady driving another bus, who took me to the route of the correct one.  So, long about 7:15, over 2 hours after my class ended, I finally got home….

Yep, we have insurance, but the deductible doesn’t make claiming it worth the hassle or the rate increase.  So we will suck it up and replace it.  The bike will NOW be parked near my cubicle during the day, and I may still lock it up!!

Folks, pure and simply I am sad.  I know it’s just a bike, but it was mine, and it carried me places I had never been, and adventures I never thought I would have.  It inspired this blog, as well as inspired others to ride.  I know I will love the next one, and I will probably get a nicer one, but it sure as hell won’t be better…..  And I am not a violent man, but I am serious, a short rope with a tall tree is what is called for here!




20 thoughts on “Well, They Used to Hang Horse Thieves Didn’t they?

  1. So sorry to hear that. No matter how attached you are to the bike, when you find out your bike is stolen, it really sinks your mojo like no other. At least you are safe, but man, those thieves are the lowest form of life on earth.

    Spread the word over the internet. I know bike thefts in the Bay Area is pretty bad, and there are times where they are recovered. My friend Jenny is on the east bay bike coalition, and is a very big advocate of recovering stolen bikes. Here’s some info on guarding against, and even recovering … https://www.ebbc.org/theft_prevention

    Good luck.

  2. I wasn’t going to reply, it’s just that i am so dumbfounded as to why anyone would use such a device (i wont call it a lock).

    You can only tempt fate for so long!

  3. Oh no, so sorry to hear that. Thieves are the lowest form of life on earth! You should still file a police report because we’ve had this conversation with the bikes at the bicycle shop that I go to, and they know some bikes that have been recovered. Here’s hoping for karma!

  4. Its not `just a bike`, its your baby. I feel for you, and hope that the stem of the saddle takes revenge on the culprit, forcing its way through the saddle and entering his body where his brains are.

      1. My regular homeowners policy has a cap on personal items like bikes (and the cost of cycling equipment in my garage exceeds the value of my new Jeep Grand Cherokee — but please don’t tell my wife).

  5. Oooohhh nooooo that sucks so bad. Oh geez I’m so sorry. It’s not ‘just a bike.’ When you spend so much time with something like a bike, exploring and getting through the world (and whizzing by men floating in a river…) you bond. Yea you’ll get a new one and I’m sure you two will go on to do great things… But it still sucks, it’s still heartbreaking and still angering. Not to mention a lot of money! I would go into a deep depression if my bike were to get stolen. I think I’ll go buy a 5th lock… Take care of yourself, man!

  6. Sucks for sure. I bring my bike into the office as with the rash of bike thefts this year, I am not going to take a chance on losing it. It does not seem to matter what type of lock, as the professional theives that are targeting bikes, have breaking open locks down to a science.

    I saw a guy on an carbon frame bike this weekend with aero wheels as clip on pedals. The thing is, the guy was not a rider. He was wearing jeans, sneakers and dirty clothes. He did not seem to be fitted on the bike either. No doubt, this was a stolen bike. With the price of bikes, police should start paying attention to things like this.

    1. I agree! I will be paying more attention myself in my travels. I am also planning a few walkabouts near the office over the next week or so in search of. My office is installing a bike rack inside our building, so I will not ave the issue I the future!

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