The Wind Rides Again!

Back in the day, which of course means the college years, the Strohsbros and Fros played each and every intramural sport there was.  Flag football, Softball, Volley Ball, Bowling, Basketball and even inner tube water polo!  When you go to school in a small town, you have to entertain yourself somehow!

Now there were many sports I could NOT play.  For example, the one time I played basketball I shot over the basket and almost fouled out before it was half over.  Truly, a man’s got to know his limitations!

Ahhh, but softball and football now… Those were my games.  I could run the “Pete” play (someday I will explain how it got its name) which is a long bomb to the end zone better than anyone.  And when we yelled snake bite, I could run down any quarterback and sack him!  Running the bases, I could leg out an infield hit, out run a double play, and snag a fly out of the air for an out that would be over other people’s heads easy!  I would tell people I was THE WIND!  (OK, I also had a BAD habit of not waiting long enough to “tag up” so I got out a lot too!)

So the name stuck, when leaving work, instead of saying goodbye I’d say “I am the wind!” and be gone. Yes, Yes it is nerdy, but then that’s me.

Why am I bringing this up?  Because today was the first real ride on the new bike!


YEP, I am the proud owner of a 2013 Specialized Tri-cross Elite, with disc brakes!  I love the Tri-cross that was stolen last week!  I would have ridden it for years to come!  When I had to unexpectedly buy a new bike this year.  I wasn’t dead set on a new Tri-cross, but I wasn’t against it either.

So since we were going to be in Corvallis for a preplanned trip, AND Oregon does not have the 10% sales tax Seattle has, it was a good time to look!  We went into Peak Sports, a local hiking, biking and all things outdoors shop, and started looking around.

It’s amazing how people will drop everything when you tell them the 2-wheeled extension of your body was stolen!  5 minutes after walking in, I was flying down the road on a test drive….  It only took one, I knew I had found my bike!  The tires were thinner, the frame lighter, only a double in front instead of a triple, but it fit me like a glove.  It was my bike reincarnated!

Next came the replacement of everything else.  Two water bottle holders, front and back light, rack on the back, clipless pedals, and fenders!  PHEW!!  and that aint all, I still need an under saddle bag, an odometer, and a new seat (the ones that come with bikes are torture devices!)  The store didn’t have what I was looking for in these items, but REI tomorrow will!

I had my pile of “stuff” on the counter and asked them to install it all!  They did it free of charge and I picked it up Sunday!

We got home after 5 tonight, and I went out to adjust the seat as well as I could (given it felt like a brick!) 20 minutes later I was OFF!!

That thing flies down hill!  Felt great, On the flat trail I was again “The Wind” I was passing people right and left!  THEN I realized, when my head itched, I made a MAJOR mistake.  I was so excited to ride, I took off without my helmet!!!  (Now, since Mom and Michelle both read this, I am in trouble!  Sorry ladies!!!  it won’t happen again!)

As soon as I realized it, I turned around and headed back!  Then I found that this thing climbs like a mountain goat!  (Good thing with the Crater Lake ride coming up in 3 weeks! )

I don’t have the odometer yet, but I went about 15 miles today, and it was great!  I will have to learn how to change a flat on a bike with disc brakes, as well as learning how to maintain them.   I also need to sneak in as many rides as I can to get used to the new bike before Crater Lake!  (Guess I am lucky it was stolen closer to the ride!)

I will also be picking up a SERIOUS lock, and keeping the bike with me in the office instead of the garage while I am at work!  NOT losing another one!

I can NOT express my appreciation enough to my wife Michelle!  She said, “There IS no discussion!  You WILL get a new bike, and get it this weekend!”  Gotta love her!  And I do!!!

If the other bike comes home, then I will have a winter ride, but if not, I see a lot of miles in my future!

Like the Wind people!

7 thoughts on “The Wind Rides Again!

  1. That’s a very nice bike and I can’t believe someone stole your other bike 🙁 I want to get a new one and I’ve been looking at a folding bike. That might solve my space dilemma. Have you heard much about them?

    1. Megan I have a friend who LOVES his! As I have seen them used on even 100 mile rides. Go to a real bike store and have them show you how to fold it, do some test pedaling, but I think it would work for you!

  2. Tony, congrats on the new bike. I feel for you regarding your employer’s garage. When I was there, my car was broken into. What a pain! I wonder if you could lobby the mighty “P” for some sort of bike “cage” in the garage like I see in some downtown garages. That and I used to leave a heavy duty lock attached to the bike racks there so I wouldn’t have to ride with the extra wait. Great blog. keep up the adventures. -Brian

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