OK, I fully intended to sit her and write yet another sad post about my poor stolen bike.  Or maybe talk about my shopping trip to the bike department at REI.  Maybe even whine a bit about the bug bite on the bottom of my foot (annoying!), any of which could easily have been the post of the night.

But then I read my buddy Jim’s post How do you write the chapters of your life?, and I realized it was time to stop whining and actually write something meaningful (or at least my version of meaningful)  for a change.

My buddy Jim is a writer, a blogger and a social media consultant, along with being a dad, husband, and Cougar fan.  He is damn good at all of these.  The chapters he is referring to, though, are not his new book, but of life overall.

He got me thinking.  Each and every day, when we drag our butts out of the comfy bed and face the day, we have a choice:  Do we start a new chapter or continue with the one (or ones)  that has been going on.  Now this is NOT as easy as it might seem.

The easy answer is you should change your chapter for a better one.  But what if it’s a great chapter.  What if you like what is going on?  Others may think its boring, or stupid or mundane, but for you it works and works well.  You are truly happy with your life.  Why change?

Or, you may decide it’s time to for a new chapter.  The text of this new chapter can vary immensely depending on who you are.  While I was working on this, the oldest kid came in.  He is going to be  Junior at Western Washington University next year.  We were talking about after school and he ran the gambit from: taking time off, getting a job, getting a masters, or no idea…..  Then, the major tangent, working in event management  (where the hell did that come from??? He’s a math major)  But he’s 20, the only thing tying him down will be student loans, otherwise he is free to do what he wants.  He took up tango dancing for the fun of it.  The kid can do anything!

But we adults can start a chapter any time as well.  Hell this year, I started a new job.  It was a scary jump, but a necessary one.  So far, it’s turned out VERY well!  I like this chapter.  I am looking forward to see where it goes.

It doesn’t need to be this big though.  Michelle decided she was going to start knitting again.  Does this count as a chapter?  Hell yes!  It’s something she used to enjoy and stopped doing.  She will have to work to pick up the skills she had when she knitted regularly.  She made the leap, and the chapter has begun.  Hopefully I get a hat too!

The Manchild has remade himself this year.  He didn’t start the chapter consciously, but over the weeks and months he has become a pretty damn good long boarder!  At 15, this could be a long or short chapter, but it is all his.  And I am proud of him.

My longest chapter currently is my bike riding.  When training, I ride many of the rides over and over again.  Some would all this boring.  The thing is, I love this chapter.  I don’t care if it’s just along the Burke Gilman, or a 100 mile training ride.  Being one with the bike, with nature around me, with life, makes me happy.  I like to add new rides to spice it up some, but its the riding, not necessarily the route  that makes it a good chapter.

Then there is being with Michelle.  We inspire, support, and are very proud of each other.  Every day make each other smile and laugh.  We are in love but more importantly, we LIKE each other.  Do we have our down times.  Of course we do.  Am I a challenge sometimes?   Well duh.  But neither of us would trade the other for anything.  It is the best chapter I’ve ever had in my life.

So, I feel like I am rambling a bit on this one.  So let me tie it up a bit.  Take a minute today to just sit.  What is going on in your life.  How many chapters are going on?  Do you like them?  If not can you change the ones you don’t?  There are times we are stuck with some (gotta pay the bills you know) so what chapter can you start that makes up for the bad ones?

Live your lives, take chances.  Knit, read what you want, try tai chi, yoga (UGH!!  I don’t bend) Hell even zumba.  There is no limit to the chapters we can experience, we are only stopped by our own courage.

Like the wind people, and I want you to share those chapters with us! Take care!

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  1. I whine all the time, so no worries there. Every other day I have a new disease 😉 I like this advice. I should work on the chapters of my life and stop worrying about what will happen that’s out of my control. Also, kudos on the domain name 🙂

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        You will have to request an invitation and then if accepted, you will have to activate it in your account. It’s a way to monetize your blog 🙂

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