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Winter is Coming

OK, it is still August.  So maybe it’s not coming tomorrow.  In fact Washington State (at least Western Wa where I live) is having a record-breaking heat wave right now.  What?  It hasn’t made the news where you are?  How … Continue reading

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Feature Friday: Biking

Originally posted on Here To Conquer:
Not only is it worth celebrating the fact that today is Friday- BUT it is also the beginning of a three day weekend! In honor of Labor Day, today’s post was inspired by a…

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Folks, this is one of my favorite times of the year!  Saturday is the beginning of College Football season! Around my neck of the woods, Seattle, all the inane chatter has been about the Washington Huskies, and their brand new … Continue reading

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Kudos to Seattle PD for a Great Idea!

Well those of you who visit me regularly know that about a month ago my bike was stolen from work.  There I was, slaving away (and I actually was that day, it was a VERY long frustrating day!) and at … Continue reading

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Please! Call Me Fred

Originally posted on High On Bike:
I am a Fred. For all my non-cycling readers (aka “my friends”), Fred is a term used by “serious” road cyclists to describe other cyclists who don’t “dress in the same flashy clothes or…

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One of Those Days

Today was one of those days when I start thinking about age.  Now normally I am the goofball of the group.  I whistle in the stairwell, slide down the banister and even climb up on desks to look over the … Continue reading

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Those Damn Cyclists!

I have this friend at work, Jill.  Cute as a button, but she and I disagree on two very important things.  First she is a diehard UW Husky fan.  That in itself is just wrong.  You’d think someone as smart … Continue reading

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A Weekend Away

Folks, yall know me.  Most of my weekends all summer have revolved around big rides, or getting ready for big rides, or training for a big ride, or helping with the mom in law or the kids.  It has been … Continue reading

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When in Doubt use a Bike!

Please forgive the typos on this one, I am using the iPad! I live and work in the greater Seattle area. This is quickly becoming one of the most bicycle friendly places in the country. We are getting more bike … Continue reading

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The Man Who Cycled the World: Hugh Beaumont

I hadn’t read and reviewed a cycling book for a while.  So I went in search of one.  I like adventure books, tales of travel and adversity, and learning from others who like to challenge themselves.  I also like a … Continue reading

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