Winter is Coming

OK, it is still August.  So maybe it’s not coming tomorrow.  In fact Washington State (at least Western Wa where I live) is having a record-breaking heat wave right now.  What?  It hasn’t made the news where you are?  How hot has it been you ask? Are there heat alerts?  Cooling stations set up?  Have the train tracks warped?

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Feature Friday: Biking

I can’t help but feel kinda silly about reblogging this. Liz, the writer of Here to Conquer gave me some serious props in this post. I was and am honored. But I also love this video and would have reposted it regardless of the rest. So here it is, and Liz, again, thank you!

Here To Conquer

Not only is it worth celebrating the fact that today is Friday- BUT it is also the beginning of a three day weekend!

In honor of Labor Day, today’s post was inspired by a fellow blogger and friend- Tony.

Tony has a great passion for living an adventurous life on two wheels.  The man has conquered over 10,000 miles biking (commence the jaw-dropping). Life is amazing when you find something that lights up a spark within you and brings excitement into life. Everyone deserves to have that something that gets you going. It can be anything. But living your life with passion gives you a drive to bring more into your world and to strive to do more. Even 10,000 miles.

Because of his great passion (and I believe his wife also had something to do with it), Tony began blogging and sharing his views and experiences cultivated from the…

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Folks, this is one of my favorite times of the year!  Saturday is the beginning of College Football season!

Around my neck of the woods, Seattle, all the inane chatter has been about the Washington Huskies, and their brand new stadium. (can you say $30 Million OVER budget).  Lord, there is nothing worse than an arrogant Husky fan.  I have become a Boise State Bronco fan for the weekend, as they play in the inaugural game of the stadium.  I would love to see this be the first loss of another epic 0 – 12 season for UW!

The bigger story is the real team from Washington.  The WSU Cougars!

Game Faces!
Game Faces!

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Kudos to Seattle PD for a Great Idea!

Well those of you who visit me regularly know that about a month ago my bike was stolen from work.  There I was, slaving away (and I actually was that day, it was a VERY long frustrating day!) and at 12:37, some dirtbag came cycling up to the garage, dropped his crappy old dirt bike, snipped my lock and blazed out of the garage like he was being chased by a pack of rabid dogs!

The bikes name is NOT Fred
The bikes name is NOT Fred

You also know that I was stupid, and hadn’t recorded my serial number.  So even if they find my bike, the chances of reuniting it with me were very small! Continue reading “Kudos to Seattle PD for a Great Idea!”

Please! Call Me Fred

Ok I have distinct Fred tendencies! Always pack for the worst, mountain bike shorts for road rides, and never care about cadence. But then, never care what I look like either!!

High On Bike

I am a Fred. For all my non-cycling readers (aka “my friends”), Fred is a term used by “serious” road cyclists to describe other cyclists who don’t “dress in the same flashy clothes or ride the same flashy bikes.” It can also mean a cyclist who has more bike than they need or one that has a lot if gear and gadgets on their bikes. In other words, a Fred is a big doofus. You know, the person who has a bell, mirror, and trunk bag on her mountain bike with the front suspension she never takes on a mountain. The one who smiles and waves at everyone, and wears a hi-viz vest. Oh yeah – me!

There are differing opinions on where the term Fred came from. Some say it’s referring to Fred Flintstone, which in that case would technically make me a Wilma…but feh! Please call me Fred…

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One of Those Days

Today was one of those days when I start thinking about age.  Now normally I am the goofball of the group.  I whistle in the stairwell, slide down the banister and even climb up on desks to look over the partitions at people to talk to them.  It seems more efficient that going around the aisle, and much less rude than it would be talking through the wall at people.  Shoot I have been known to even burp as loud as possible in the stairwell, just to hear the echo.  I really don’t think I act my age.

But after work today, I started thinking about it.  In November I will be 49.  That means half a century is only 14 months away.   Continue reading “One of Those Days”

Those Damn Cyclists!

I have this friend at work, Jill.  Cute as a button, but she and I disagree on two very important things.  First she is a diehard UW Husky fan.  That in itself is just wrong.  You’d think someone as smart as she is would know better and would route for a real team, the WSU COUGS!  But try as I might, she just won’t come over from the dark side…

The other area we will never agree on is cyclists.  She dislikes them from the bottom of her heart.  She does not believe they belong on the road, and anytime a car lane is given up to make bike lanes (which, as I remind her, gets us out of her way) she gets mad all over again. She likes me as a person and co-worker, but tells me often she is glad my bike commute does NOT get in her way.

So, imagine my surprise when I found myself sounding just like her today… Continue reading “Those Damn Cyclists!”