Today did NOT turn out the way I planned!

Anyone who knows me in person, knows I am a bit (ok maybe a lot) anti-social.  Especially at work!  I very rarely go out to lunch with people, I never go out after work, and I tend to mind my own business.

My biggest dread is unit lunches.  Not only am i expected to go, they generally last longer than a normal lunch AND I am  expected to do that one thing I hate the most.  Chat.  I love talking to my wife, or the kids, my mom and step-dad, and my friends.  But I work with these people all day every day, I interact, and join into conversations at our desks.  Help solve problems and ask for advice, basically fulfilling my role as a good teammate.  But I really don’t want to sit with them all for an hour and make small talk….

So yes, unit lunches are not fun for me.  Today was scheduled to be worse.  it wasn’t a unit lunch, it was a division picnic.  Four times the people means 4 times the chatting.  And instead of an hour, it was scheduled for 3!  UGH!

Luckily I had a plan!  Everyone knows I am training for a the Crater Lake century.  So it made sense that instead of carpooling with someone, I was going to ride to the park!  PERFECT, that kills at least half an hour.  Then I was sure I could fiddle with part of the new bike to take up some more time.  Then eat.  And then it would be time for the airshow.

This is Seafair weekend in Seattle.  In years gone by, Friday afternoon would be Blue Angel practice time.

English: Blue Angels F/A-18 Hornets "goin...
English: Blue Angels F/A-18 Hornets “going over the top,” flying over Lake Washington near Seattle during Seafair 2009. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This year, due to the sequester, there’s no Blues, but some outfit called the Patriots out of California were going to be performing an air show.

After that, it would be time to bike back to the office!  The plan was foolproof!  Except for one thing.  After 35 consecutive days of being dry as a tater chip, not even a hint of rain, it ended up raining steadily today!  Which means, of course, that the picnic was cancelled.

Now one would think I’d be happy about this!  However, what

I haven’t mentioned is I am a trainer in the training department.  Our Division includes Human Resources.  These people, except for me, THRIVE on interaction and chatting!  No picnic??  No worries!  Let’s have a division lunch!!  UGH!!!  Yep, they decorated the room in a Hawaiian theme, set up some yard games we would’ve played, and we hung around, ate and chatted…

So let’s check the scoreboard shall we:  No bike ride, no air show  AND extra chat time….

Nope, today did NOT turn out the way I planned.  Oh well, at least it is Friday, and next week, I can get back on my bike commute schedule…

8 thoughts on “Today did NOT turn out the way I planned!

  1. oh. my. goodness! Seriously, I relate to this more than I can express. I thought I was the only one who came up with such “plans” to avoid prolonged human interaction!

    Aw man, too bad we don’t live closer. We might be good friends…

    … who never hung out…

    Or, if we did, it’d be a bike ride that would only consist of the following interactions:
    — Grunting at each other while climbing
    — Scoffing loudly in shared annoyance at rude drivers who pass too closely or honk
    — “Cool view” type shouts, and the like, when appropriate

    Doesn’t sound too bad! Heh. This might make a funny craigslist ad. “Seeking anti-Social, totally introverted, cycling buddy”

    1. OK I am really liming you more! That’s why I like the Century rides I take. The conversations last for 30 seconds as you pass or are passed by people. We could totally ride the same rides and maybe say 6 words to each other, with half of them being salary names for uncourteous riders!

      1. 🙂 I think there are a lot of us out there. It’s just hard to meet because, you know, we don’t like social interaction that much.

        But that does sound nice! Quick interactions work well for me!

  2. precisely why I loathe team building exercises and baby showers. I offered to supervise lunch detention for half a school year just to get out of having to sit with other teachers.

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