Cycling facts you should know

This is well worth sharing!

Cycling Madness in London

Kliknij i zobacz więcej!

Today I am going to write about some very interesting fact about cycling. At the beginning of the blog I wrote a post about all the advantages of cycling, but there can be never too many good things to write about cycling.

This has been sent by my best friend and I just could not resist putting them on Cycling Frenzy. Thanks Marcin!

As you already know, cycling is quickly becoming a very popular way to spend time with friends and family and it is a cheap and quick way to move around our beautiful town. There is some fact that I think you may find interesting or even amusing:-)

1. Health 

  • We all know that cycling is healthy for us but did you know that if you cycle around 25 miles a week, it will reduce the risk of heart disease by 50%?
  • Also cycling makes you look younger. If you cycle regularly, you will look…

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