Getting Back on Track

You know, it happens EVERY year.  Even if I say it won’t, somehow it sneaks up on me.  Yep, part way through the summer the miles start to taper off, I start skipping rides, there are legitimate reasons that get in the way of the rides, and not so legit excuses to just sit and relax.

Meanwhile, I start eating poorly again, snacking on things and eating way too much.  I can see the pot belly coming back after I worked so hard to lose it.  Then of course I start getting mad at myself for letting all this happen!

Today, hopefully, I have turned things around.  I wasn’t able to ride as planned on Friday, and yesterday was busy.  I knew I needed some miles under my but, so last night I set the alarm for 545 AM.  I did hit snooze a couple of times, but I was up and heading for Starbucks by 605.  Now one of our rituals is my wife’s daily 4 pump vanilla venti black iced tea.  I make sure on days I ride that I have one of these on her nightstand and ready for her to wake up with.

At about 645, I was heading down the road.  I had thought about the Lake Washington Loop again, but then remembered it was SeaFair Sunday.  There will be more drunks and sun stroked people than I can count on this road.  Even that early.

So, it was time for my winter 40 mile route.  This is a route that goes north to Everett on the Interurban trail, then close to Snohomish, back into Woodinville and then along the trail home.  It’s the winter 40 because it is usually the first long ride of the year.  I tend to stop riding it in April as 1) I want longer rides and 2) it gets boring.  The one plus to this route is that I can stop by the winery if leave later in the  day.


Today this wasn’t an option due to  the early start, too bad.

I finally made an adjustment I’d been thinking about.  I lowered the seat on the new bike about an inch. This makes it seem MUCH more natural and makes me feel like I am more in control.

I decided on this boring ride I wouldn’t need a camera.  Been there and done that.  BIG mistake.  For the first time on this route, two hot air balloons appeared out of the mist.  Woulda been a great picture.  OK, I know I have said it before, but “The camera comes with me always from now on!”

It was a good ride.  The longest yet on the new Tricross!  At 40 miles, it was also the longest in 2 weeks!  The new bike handles hills well, so this route was no problem and flies down hill!  I have noticed that my rear disc brake has a slight rub, so I may have to have it looked at.  Otherwise I am liking it a lot!

The only issue is getting used to a bike for the first time in 5 years!!  I actually have to think about what gear to be in.  This will fade soon.

One other very cool thing is I saw a frog hopping across the trail.  It was ahead of me and I saw this thing crossing the path.  It was a tiny little thing, but covered a lot of territory with each leap.  I have easily ridden over a thousand miles on this path, but this is the first time I’ve ever seen one.  Shows the river is healthy!  Hope I see more in the future.

I was done by 10, so just over 3 hours.  Worked up a sweat, and put some needed miles on the legs.  Next week, I will bike commute home as normal, this will help, and then I already have a 60 mile route planned for the weekend.  This will get the legs back in shape and ready, cuz the following week is the Crater Lake Century!

I am already pretty sure that my slacking will make this ride harder than it should be, but if I can keep it up now, it won’t get any HARDER!

Great day for a ride!

3 thoughts on “Getting Back on Track

  1. I love seeing frogs! They are super rare these days. I remember when I was kid that I would see them ALL THE TIME.

    In fact, I haven’t seen one in a few years now. We were renting a house with a garden and it was such a treat. I named him…actually, it might have been a toad…and I don’t remember his name.

    Okay I’ll end this pointless comment now.

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