So, as we all know by now, my bike was stolen a little over a week ago.  Seems MUCH longer ago than that, but a week ago today, Michelle and I came home from our whirlwind trip to Oregon with the new bike on the bike rack.

For the record, each and every day at work I have gone on a walkabout into Seattle looking for my bike.  Now it could be the dirtbag is purposely not showing himself because he thinks I am doing just that.  Or he has (as my favorite cowboy author Louis L’amour would say) Lit a Shuck and has pedaled out of town.  Shoot by now he could be in California.  I’m thinking he aint that smart, and one day I sill spot him….

However, today we are NOT talking about the dirtbag.  Today we are going to talk about the reaction from people I work with.  I could not ask for a more supportive group of people.  For the last week I have had people, many of whom I do not even know, come up to me and express their condolences for the loss of my bike.  I honestly have no idea how these people know who I am or how they heard about the theft, but if has been very nice.  You’da thought someone had died.

Today, it took a turn toward the hilarious side!  As you may or may not know, my wife and I work for the same company.  I enjoy this a lot!  We get to carpool, go to lunch, see each other during the day, its great! We also, since we have access to slightly different grapevines, fill each other in on the rumor mill.

Today she came up and asked, “Want to know the 411 that going around about your bike?”  “Sure!”, says I.  “Well, everybody knows you had an $8000 bike stolen!”

I giggled, HARD!  Folks I know there are $8000 bikes, and I tip my hat to those that have them. I also know you get what you pay for.  An $8000 bike is a NICE bike.  But I want to go on record here, my bike was no where NEAR that amount!  With a kid in college and another in high school, people think I have that kinda cash lying around?

First off, I drive a 1997 Ford Escort with 296, 000 miles on it.  (My wife likes to say it’s 296,000 miles of man funk, I call it musk!)  When I bought that car it had 3 miles on it.  It has the original engine (though I did have to replace the clutch last year) and gets 30 miles to the gallon.  If I am not buying a new car, I sure as hell am not buying a $8K bike!

Then my Dad’s voice popped into my head from the great beyond “Boy, if you ever pay $8000 for a bike, it better pedal itself up a hill!”  He was always proud of my riding, but down deep he thought I was nuts!

Then there’s me.  I like to use my bike for errands and commuting.  This mean panniers and a luggage rack.  NOT normally found on uber-expensive bikes.  I also know sooner or later, I am going to crash!  If I scratch a bike that expensive I would be livid!  Plus I could never leave it locked up somewhere.  I’d be too paranoid!

And would I ride that bike in the rain??  I am a cheap SOB and only own one bike!  Eventually winter is coming, and that means wet weather riding, I’d be stuck not riding again till next July.  That would NOT work for me!!

So, to set the record straight HELL NO my bike was not worth $8000.  Nor is the new one.  I did upgrade, but not that much!  Once again, for some reason, my cycling reputation at work is much larger than real life supports.  It made me feel good people think of me as the caliber rider that would have that kind of bike, but not a chance!

In fact the only way I would own one would be through divine intervention

imageAnd even then I’d give serious thought to selling it, buying a damn good bike, and using the rest to go on vacation with my gorgeous wife!

Gotta love rumors!


11 thoughts on “Rumors!

  1. That’s absolutely awful about our bike! I’m sorry to hear that. I hope that divine intervention happens and you get a nicer one! 🙂

      1. I was, but my wife marched me into a bike store and told them “don’t let him leave without one!” She said then thought of me going without and bouncing off the walls at home would be a BAD thing!

        She was probably right!

  2. Sorry again about your bike. It hurts to think what someone else is doing with the thing you once loved. Hope whoever the idiot is that he/she is at least taking care of it. Anyway, $8k is ridiculous for a bike! Glad to know you didn’t pay that much 🙂 My dad would have flipped just like yours if I had done something like that. 🙂

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