I know for a fact that there are two times during the year…  OK let’s be honest, I am sure there are a LOT of times during the year, but two for sure, that the rest of the country flat laughs at Washington State.  And to be perfectly honest, it’s the west side of Washington state they are laughing at!

The first is when it snows.  Here in the Seattle area, if there is the slightest flurry, this place goes to hell.  If it sticks, it shuts down!

The company I work for has a Northwest profile marketing campaign, poking good-natured fun at some of the quirky people who live in the Northwest.  One of those profiles is “First Snowflake Freak Out Lady!”  and let me tell you it is accurate!

This picture was taken out the window of my car, on I-5 at 1030 at night.  I had left work at 3 when the snow just started,  it took me 11.5 hours to go 26 miles…..  We got a total of 5 inches I believe…. Yes people laughed at me from places like the mid west and northeast!  (come winter THAT will be a post of its own!)


But I said there are times they laugh.  The other is now when we start complaining about the heat!  It’s been in the 80s for weeks now! Yes, yes I know.  People think “It rains there all the time, don’t you enjoy the sun when it shows up?”  Or “Lord you complain ALL winter, then when it gets nice you complain again!” Yep we do!?  Or “80s???  That aint hot come to <insert other state here> and we’ll show you hot! ”

Yep, all are true, and as I’ve said before, I am a hot weather wimp, so its been rough!

Today was really hard!  We had an offsite leadership session.  (For the record, the session went well, better than I thought actually).  HOWEVER, as soon as I got there, I KNEW I was in trouble.  No air-conditioning…..  0ver 100 people, moving, talking, interacting in a big room with the sun betting down.  I stationed myself outside in the coolness of the morning for as long as possible, allegedly to “point people into the right building…”  Felt good out there!


We had plenty of water, and they busted out the ice cream, but by 5, I felt like a wet sponge!  I had decided to cycle in this morning, so I could bike home, thinking it would clear my head.

The session had done more than make me sweat, I was honestly exhausted.  So much so, that I truly, didn’t enjoy the ride home.  It was still in the 80s at 5, I was beat, I had pushed it hard in the morning to get there on time (I had forgotten my work badge and noticed it after a mile into the ride.  Worst part, that mile was all down hill, which means turning around was all uphill…)  So bottom line, tonight’s commute felt like work instead of fun.

So after long hot sweaty day (that lasted an hour longer than I am used to) and a hot sweaty ride home, I stopped at the local grocery store to grab a beer for later (AFTER a big powerade!)

I made it home finally, wheeled the bike in the house, and heard a loud hissing! My first thought was somehow the beer cracked and it was spewing all over the inside of the pannier (this would be bad for 2 reason, the first being the mess I’d have to clean up and the second because it wastes beer!) But nope! turns out somewhere in the last mile I picked up a pretty decent metal shard! sigh….

Well at least it waited till I got home!  That meant I could eat, and hydrate (no beer till it was fixed though) and then fix it.  Otherwise I woulda had to fix it to get home!  The bright side is I wanted to practice changing a tire with disk brakes (easy) the hole was easy to find, and turns out I had a spare tube!  All good things.  it took 10 minutes to fix.

After all that, being able to sit and do this post is a welcome break. I will tell ya, sipping the beer while writing this is NICE as well!!


4 thoughts on “HOT!

  1. 🙂 I would be thankful for 80 degree weather. I’m not laughing at you, not at all! I envy the fact that you live there because it’s a place where I would consider moving, even though I’ve lived in the same 100 mile radius in the Midwest my entire life 😉 That being said, it’s 80 degrees here today, but I swear you can cut the air with a knife because of the humidity 🙁 Needless to say, my hair is sucking it all up and has tripled in size. Blogging with a beer sounds awesome by the way 😉

    1. Megan, I knew many people would laugh (and it is totally allowed t do so!) at the 80 deg comment :). Luckily, humidity isn’t rally a problem here… I am much happier at my desk today! And the beer makes blogging even more fun!

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