Blogfodder II

My best blogger friend Megan asked me a question here recently.  She has decided that she is going to give her blog, The War in My Brain, more attention, and, for a while at least, blog every day.  She asked me how I do it.

I started blogging back in January, and with a few exceptions, I have added a post each and every day since then.  I didn’t realize it initially, but I came to notice, from the blogs I follow, that daily bloggers are very rare.  So she started me thinking, how, and more importantly, why do I blog every day?

Well, going back to when this game started, I thought of it like journaling,  I have tried for years (and in fact I still have a bike journal that I try to write in) to keep a journal.  I always thought it was cool when, at the end of an adventure, a writer could refer to his journal and know exactly what happened.  As I said, I’ve tried MANY times, but being able to journal 3 or 4 times in a row was the best I could ever do.  Normally months or even years would go by between entires. Shoot, the bike journal doesn’t even ‘know’ my bike was stolen yet.

So, in January, Michelle went to the trouble to set up this site.  It was VERY sweet of her, and I wanted to show my appreciation.  So early on, I decided “Blog each day, then she’ll know I like it!”  And I do!  I honestly like getting my thoughts down “on paper.”  I’ve said it before, I’ve gotten to the point where I feel something is “missing” if I have written a post.  (Hi, I am Tony, and I am an addicted blogger…  “Hi Tony”)

WordPress says I have 149 followers.  Then there is Facebook. Even my mom, kid sis, and buddy Dave read this thing.  I am always amazed that people are interested in what I have to say, and really like it when people at work tell me they take the time to read it.  Today’s post only had 17 visits, but last week, one day had 87.  Considering no one but me had ever read what I wrote prior to starting a blog, this is incredibly cool to me….

OK, that is the why, but the question was “How do I post everyday?”

Well first, aside from the AMC series Walking Dead, I do not watch TV.  This gives me lots of time to do so.  However, time is no good without something to write about.  The blogfodder is a necessary requirement.

Well first off I figured out that cycling just does not provide enough material for a daily blog.  This site is still dedicated to my adventures on 2 wheels.  But one day I made an executive decision.  This is my page.  I am willing to spend the time writing the post, so whatever I want to write about is fair game.  If it is cycling related, so much the better, but whatever sparks my interest can, and will, show up here.

So where do I get material?  ANYWHERE!  Conversations with people, Facebook, radio, newspaper articles, overheard conversations, books I have and am reading, questions people ask, wineries I’ve been to, things that happen at work, observations, and yes, bike rides.  There are also hopes, dreams, disappointments, achievements and desires.  Stories from years gone by, pictures that are discovered, and life events.

I’ve also built up a following of virtual and physical friends.  Out of the blue, I will get a text, email, Facebook Post, IM or an in person visit with an idea.  Other times, I break out the computer and just start typing, letting the fingers take me where they may.  I have no qualms at all in borrowing an idea from another blogger!  But I do try to give them credit.  My college and author buddy Jim has been a great inspiration.

Bottom line, I like having a blog.  I like people reading what I have to share, and I like to tell stories.  (My wife says I am a chatterer).  I will not guarantee that I will always be a daily blogger, but i will for as long as I can.

So as always, thanks to everyone who visits 10,000 miles.  It means a lot. I do my best to make it worthwhile, and I never post just to have one.  Each one so far is one I have enjoyed writing!  Like the wind folks!


10 thoughts on “Blogfodder II

  1. Keep it up Tony! I know it’s not always easy to come up with regular posts (or even weekly ones… I know I’m guilty myself of missing a few Feature Fridays) But the fact that you’re able to do it almost daily is truly impressive and inspiring!

  2. Aw, that is so sweet of you! I love this post 🙂 Honestly, it’s getting to feel more natural to write daily and it’s giving me something to look forward to when I might otherwise just be sitting around doing nothing productive.

    Also…I am a HUGE fan of the Walking Dead. I have a guilty crush on Daryl 😉

    1. Now I don’t have a crush on him, but Daryl is a stud! And NOW you have surprised me! Never would’ve pegged you for walking dead! Your BF is even a luckier man!

      And it does start becoming natural the more you do iti

      1. Oh, I love zombie movies and the Walking Dead. I love Shawn of the Dead, hilarious, and I like Zombieland. Great movies. Both not too dark 🙂

  3. Awesome Tony,

    I’m still impressed. I tried to do what you do, but never can get it to that level. Thanks to you, I am posting a lot more than I used to, my readership levels have hit all time high.

    I am writing every day, just not for myself. I have client blogs and content for social media and of course, I’m working on finishing Van Stone II (The Scorecard, yes, we have a name!)

    It seems that I don’t get enough time to post something on my own blog. When I see posts like this, it reinvigorates me! Thanks for the push.

    1. Well there in lies the difference pal! You have many and varied creative outlets not to mention kidlets that need attention! So you are doing the same thing, just different places.

      Very cool on the title! I am looking forward to it! And thanks for the compliments, means a lot coming from you sir! Looking forward to Van II !

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