I needed that!

Well, as we all know, real life gets in the way of cycling, or any workout for matter.  I believe cycling is affected more because of how long it takes for a “real” work out.  If I am going to ride 100 miles, for example, there is the getting to the place and getting home part, and then the 7+ hours needed for the ride.  So in essence all day.

Today I decided it was time to stretch the legs some.  Next week is Crater Lake, and I needed to get a longer ride in.  The best way to make this happen?  Get up early! I was at Starbucks at 6AM getting ice tea for Michelle and a breakfast sandwich for me, and I was off by 6:40.  This is the lake Washington Loop, which lets me leave my house, bike into Seattle, South to Renton and around the south end of the lake, then up the east side through Bellevue, Kirkland, Juanita, and over the north into Kenmore and back home.  

I’ve done this route many times, its one of my standard training routes (Though I only found it this year), and I have shared many pictures of the route on this blog.  However, this I had to stop and take.  It really was a pretty view of the lake and Bellevue on the other side, with the sun coming over the clouds!

imageThe ride went very well!  Handled the hills easily, and I am starting to get the “feel” of the bike.  I’ve got almost 200 miles into the new mode of transportation, and aside from dealing with some rubbing on the disc brakes, I love it!

I also had a thought hit me today while riding.  I am really am lucky to be living where I am.  I hear many stories from people in other states, that say where they live is not “bike friendly”.  I on the other hand bike on roads that have signs that say this

imageThe best part, the cars on the road respect it.  We also have more and more designated bike lanes, as well as “bike share” roads.  These are roads that are marked with bikes.  Cyclist are encouraged to use these roads and cars watch out for us.  It works well for everyone.

Also, ever get stuck at a red light with a sensor that will not change for a bike?  Here in the Seattle area, they have been installing these.


These are extra sensitive sensors that are tripped by bikes.  Once the bike hits it, the lights change even faster that they do for cars.  Its nice. They aren’t everywhere yet, but more and more they are showing up!

Don’t get me wrong, we still have our drivers that hate bikes, rough roads, bad traffic, and missing links in the bike paths.  But overall, it’s a great place to ride…

Todays ride was nice, not too warm, and after I rounded the south end of the lake, I had a bit of a tail wind.  On the list of strange things to see, I saw a cat bringing home a rat to his owners as a present! Nothing says cat love like a dead rodent on your front stoop!

I also passed Seahawk training camp, big doings there, but I didn’t have a ticket, so on I went.

56 miles today, and I solved another worry I had.  It seemed like my odometer was off, and I HATE resetting those.  Today I took the hiking gps with me to track the route.  After 56 miles, there was only a difference of 6/100 of a mile.  Where I come from that is dead on!

Great Sunday ride!



2 thoughts on “I needed that!

  1. Sounds like a great ride! And I 6/100 sure sounds good to me!

    And yes, I live in a place that is somewhat bike friendly and, in a lot of ways, not friendly. With really confused people in between. I would love one of those extra sensitive sensors! That’d be great! I think we have some signs like that (yield to bikes) but they get lost in the sea of signs here.

    But I’ve heard worse. So I try to advocate for better change, while still appreciating what I do have here.

    1. Oh, we have our jerks as well, but we are very lucky to have the Cascade Bike club, a huge advocate for change. I am spoiled!

      And yep6/100 is perfect. I always get paranoid with a new odometer, it always seems “off” till I do this!

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