The BEST pre ride email I’ve ever received

This is the most comprehensive, helpful, infomative and funny pre ride email I’ve ever received!

Hello Riders!

I went up to Crater Lake this past weekend to make one last run around the course and wanted to give you some last minute notes and observations!


1) To get into the park your Placard with your Bib# must be on the front of your bike AND you must have the color coordinated arm/wrist band on. If you do not have these you will be asked to go through the normal entrance line and will be required to pay the $5.00 entrance fee. You will also not be allow to eat at the sag stops without the wrist bands…. Sorry to be so strict, but we once again have reports of riders not paying registration fees and they are planning on taking advantage of our sag stops!

2) The downhill sections past Cloud Cap are VERY rough. Please take it easy going downhill. Due to the harsh winter environment the roads are worse then ever and are bumpy and undulating, there is also a lot more rocks/gravel on the road than usual, especially on the downhill corners after Cloudcap and Phantom Ship Overlook. There is one very large pot hole that we will have orange cones by… if you see orange cones… SLOW DOWN. It is right at the bottom of a very long straight descent. If you see Orange Cones … SLOW DOWN!!! I just wanted everyone to be aware of the downhill sections. At this point if you have trained enough to do this ride than you are more than capable of handling these roads. Please keep your speed under control and an occasional touch of the brakes will be appreciated. Remember …… ROAD RASH IS NOT PERMITTED ON THIS RIDE!!!!!

3) SNOW!!!! Due to horrible winter there isn’t any this year!!! Usually we have a lot of snow for you to play in.

4) At 1:30 P.M. in the afternoon it was 64 degrees around the Rim and at least 75 at Fort Klamath Museum. Last year it was 70 Degrees, but please plan for lower temps.

5) A nice new hatch of Mosquitoes for your itching pleasure (BRING MOSQUITO SPRAY)

6) GOOD NEWS for previous year’s Riders. There are only little patches of CHIPSEAL, nothing to be concerned about Folks…. YEA…

7) There always seems to be a Bald Eagle on Loosely Rd. Don’t worry, even though it is watching you VERY closely, it won’t eat you. However, I recommend you don’t bring your pet mouse for a ride in your back pocket.

8) No Detour or change of ride!

9) If you have a FRS radio, the volunteer crew and I will be on Channel 3, sub channel 5.

10) There is new gravel at the entrance to the Fort Klamath Museum. This is pretty deep and very loose. You skinny tires will NOT handle this well and I guarantee if you try to ride it you will be in for a RIDE!!!! Please get off your bikes on the pavement and WALK them down the ramp into the park. Please do not ruin a great day of riding in the last 10 yards of the ride!!! ROAD RASH IS NOT PERMITTED ON THIS RIDE!!! J

Wildlife seen during my Drive:

1) Cows

2) Bald Eagle

3) Red tail hawks (lots)

4) A lot of Cattle

5) Two young Osprey (Century Riders look to the left Aprox. 3.5 miles, just before your right onto weed Rd. on top of a large telephone pole and you will see their nest.)

6) Several Deer

7) Many Bovine!

8) Mosquitoes

9) Camp robber (bird)

10) Did I mention COWS!

The last couple of years the mornings have been pretty darn cold (below 40 degrees)! I highly recommend that you bring warm clothing for the early part of the ride. Once it warms up we will have white plastic bags for you to put your name and Bib # on at the first two rest stops. These bags and your clothing will be delivered back to the Museum and will be near the BBQ line for you to pick up after the ride.

Below is a list of highly recommended items to ensure you have a wonderful ride

1) Bring a fold up chair to sit in after the ride while you eat your BBQ & Desert. There are some tables but not enough for everyone.

2) CAMERA – you will hate yourself if you forget it!

3) Bring Mosquito Spray

4) Don’t forget Sun Screen

5) Wind Vest

6) Arm Warmers

7) Leg Warmers

8) Long Fingered gloves

9) Warm Riding Jacket

10) Any special food or drink that you need to have a great ride.

Safety Notes:

This is required by the National Park Service!

If there is an emergency call 911
If you have an FMS RADIO sag support is on Channel 3 – Sub channel 5
Each Rest stop has a first aid kit
Helmets are required at ALL times
You must ride Single file, No groups larger than 5 riders
Please obey all traffic laws! You may enter the park by using the right hand lane (employee) at the toll booth. Please STOP and place your foot on the ground at the stop sign. You must also yield to traffic when leaving overlooks and rest areas.

Please be cautious of the following while riding within the Crater Lake National Park Boundaries!!!
1. Steep and Narrow Roads

2. Narrow traffic Lanes & Road Shoulders – NO designated bike lanes

3. Potholes and Uneven road Surfaces, especially after Cloudcap lookout

4. Rocks falling, sand and gravel on Roads

5. Wildlife on Roads

6. Heavy traffic, including large RV’s

7. Danger of falling from steep drop offs and Caldera rim overlooks – STAY BEHIND Barriors and guard rails

Please remember that I will be at the Best Western Olympic In between 6:00 P.M. and 9:00 P.m. on Friday night. You may pick up you bib #’s and bbq tickets on Friday instead of waiting until Saturday morning at the Fort.

See you in three days, get some rest (your going to need it), eat lots of pasta, and don’t forget your camera


Bill Haskins

Ride Coordinator

2013 Crater Lake Century

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