Back in the Saddle!

Well, sometimes I guess you just have to ok with NOT knowing what the heck happened!  Anyone who read the Crater Lake post (It aint over till it’s over) will know that 2 miles before the finish line of the Crater Lake Century my rear brakes seized up something fierce!  I heard a pop, and it was stuck, I heard a pop again 5 minutes later, and I was rolling again!

I know nothing about disc brakes, I do NOT have a local bike shop, I bought the bike 400 miles away in Oregon, and all I could see all day long was $$$$$$ (the amount needed to get me going again)

Well, I had heard really good things about Gregg’s Cycle over the years, and there was one within a 10 minute drive of the house.  (My town doesn’t have its own shop)  So after taking the bus home (amazing how quickly it gets you home when you get on the right bus) (AND I got to ride one of our new double-decker busses!  (I rode on top)).  I loaded up the bike and headed for the shop.

Now like I said, I fully expected to be dropping the bike, and the VISA card and picking it up in 2 days to a week at best!  They owed me nothing, I’d never even walked in the door before this visit.

Well I wheeled in the bike, and the kid (ok 22 23, and I feel REALLY bad I didn’t get his name) listened to the story, and immediately put the bike on the rack and grabbed the wrenches.  I told him I hadn’t expected anything today.  But off he went!

I learned that I do have cable and not piston disc brakes (good!) but he couldn’t find a single thing wrong with the back one, nor had he ever heard of an issue like mine.  He spent an hour fiddling, adjusting and working with it, but declared it sound.  Then he gave the bike a quick once over to ensure it didn’t need a new bike tune.

In short, he gave the bike a  clean bill of health.  His theory is somehow in all the hard ridding, a cable came loose and somehow got bound up.  My loosening every bolt I could find, released the bind.  The then showed me where to look if I ever have an issue again.  (Also said to bring it back if I did)

As far as the popping I heard.  I am not entirely convinced that the old fart (me) who brought the bike in hadn’t been hearing things.  He complimented the bike, the components, adjusted a few things and said thanks for bringing it in!  Yep, not a dime!!!

No I am a sucker for good service!  I will flat not tip bad service when I am out to eat, and will give 50% for a great server.  I helped found the service department in my company, and I will bad mouth an establishment that gives me poor service for YEARS!

In this case though, Guess who now has a new bike shop?  Yep, the next time the bike needs service, or I need some things,  I am taking the time (In fact its right along the path of my 40 mile training route) to stop in there.  I a thought hit me as I drove home, even the place I bought the original bike NEVER gave me anything free….

I also know where I am going if I ever need a new bike (in 10 or 15 years!)

Mountainstroh is back in the saddle!  We’ll see how the legs feel on the commute home tomorrow!


I also need to look into bike maintenance classes!

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