Helping a Friend

Today I am doing something I never do.  I am turning over my daily blog to help my buddy Jim Devitt on his new and very important endeavor.  I am copying and pasting the post from his blog The Card

For the record I donated to this Crowd fund project for two reasons:

  1. I have complete faith in Jim.  In the 30 years I have known him he has never steered me wrong, and has always been there when I needed him.  He has very high standards.  I trust the man completely!  If he is willing to sign his name to it, it’s a good cause!
  2. After reading through it, its one helluva good idea!

But y’all don’t know Jim.  So take my word for it, and read what he has.  Make your own decisions, but I will, without reservation, vouch for the character and integrity of the man who has written this post!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Please help us bring immediate and affordable healthcare to everyone … 


Hi, I’m reaching out to you today for your help. The systemic problems of our healthcare system has led to families going bankrupt, doctors shortages and unbearable wait times to see health care professionals.

I’ve worked in Healthcare for over 20 years, starting out on the clinical side, treating patients. Before long, I ended up in practice management and saw first hand how broken the healthcare system is.
The Affordable Care Act will insure millions more, which means the already overloaded healthcare system will become more overloaded.
We believe that we can help fix the system with Telemedicine.
Telemedicine is one of the most powerful tools healthcare providers can use to improve patient care, increase access and lower costs. Telemedicine exists today, but primarily in remote populations or for doctor to doctor consultation in areas where there’s a shortage of expertise.
The fact is, everyone should have access to Telemedicine. Today’s generation uses and trusts mobile applications to do just about everything. We can use the same technology to deliver healthcare to your living room. 
Please visit our campaign page to learn more and to see some of the great perks we’re giving away with your contribution. Thank You!

10 thoughts on “Helping a Friend

  1. It baffles me too friend. I can’t believe how messy it’s all gotten. Very good of you to share this.

    Also, I love the new look of your site 🙂 Maybe it’s time for a revamp of mine.


    1. I was just playing some and realized I had a picture thad might work :). I kinda like the lake one 😉

      And Jim’s done a lot for me, so giving I’m a blog day doesn’t begin t return the favors :).

  2. Though our health care system is not perfect, I am so greatful that it has been there to help me so many times and not cost me a cent. A couple of years ago I had emergency galbladder surgery and my bill upon leaving the hospital was $142.32. That was for tv, internet for 4 days and the cost for the ambulance.

    Health care should not be a money making service.

  3. Tony, the thing that baffles me is that the same people that are agaisnt affordable health care profess to be christian. I always thought one of the christian values was to help your fellow man/woman. Helping someone who is sick and needs care falls into that value I thought.

    1. Oh buddy, to NOT get me started down that path. But you are exactly right! I am not saying Obama care will fix everything, but it’s a start, however the others ode is dead set against it! Funny, mostly it’s the poeple with insurance who are against it….

      I’d love a single provider like you have. It ain’t perfect, but every one has the same coverage…

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