When in Doubt use a Bike!

Please forgive the typos on this one, I am using the iPad!

I live and work in the greater Seattle area. This is quickly becoming one of the most bicycle friendly places in the country. We are getting more bike lanes, a bike share program, and the Cascade Bicycle Club does an amazing job.

This means I am used to seeing bikes put to many different uses. However, during my weekend in Port Townsend, I was impressed with the variety of uses the people of this little town by the water have come up with!

First off, just as you see anywhere, we had the local pedicab driver! Though I was impressed with the mans attire!


I was also impressed with the selections of bikes for sale in this little town! Hell, I swear if you mounted a .50 cal machine gun on this thing, you could make it through the zombie apocalypse!


But then it got even more unique! At the Saturday market I found this!


It’s a bakery bike trailer! Carries all their goods for the days market! Gotta love how it looks like an old silver camper trailer!

They were topped by the salmon lady though!


The bike, fish, umbrella… The perfect use of pedal power!

Finally, even when bikes die, this town has a use for them! I think is called art!


So yep all in all, you can use a bike for ANYTHING!

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