A Weekend Away

Folks, yall know me.  Most of my weekends all summer have revolved around big rides, or getting ready for big rides, or training for a big ride, or helping with the mom in law or the kids.  It has been a busy summer!  Michelle and I haven’t had a fun weekend away since the beginning of summer and our run to Walla Walla.

Michelle is a trooper.  She is my support crew for the rides.  She is my coach for my training and she is a fantastic mum to the man-child.  After a summer of this, we deserve time away to rest, and just be us.  Our friend Stuart turned us on to a place in Port Townsend.  It’s a little town on the peninsula, a 30 mile drive away (after a 30 minute ferry ride.)



This place is the upstairs of a house on a hill above the town.  Michelle has informed me NOT to tell you exactly where it is (as its our secret place!) but if any of you end up going to Port Townsend, let me know, and I will tell you the name (unless we are going there!)

We took off on Friday at high noon, and got the hell outa Dodge.  In Seattle, during the summer, the Ferries can be backed up for hours.  We got on with a minimal wait (after dealing with traffic and a LONG train…) and went to Winslow.  This town has the yarn and tea store we like, the Churchmouse.   Michelle got to pet the yarn and I got the Scottish breakfast tea I really like.

We got to Port Townsend about 4.  The place we stay is the top floor of house.  It has a hella steep driveway and a long flight of stairs after a brick walk way.  There is a private entrance, and it has a single bedroom, bathroom microwave, sink and sitting room.



My favorite part of the room is the windows.  Since it is basically an A-frame room, the windows lift up  and you can stand in them.



And when you do the view is amazing.

imageIt nice, because you get the same view from the bedroom.  The bedroom is cool because it is a steeple room.

imageThe ceiling on the inside goes up forever, and I can sit and look at it for quite a while.


What I like best about the bedroom, is that we can be sitting in bed, reading, and the next thing you know we see this:


Or if you wake up early enough, you get to see a sunrise like this.


And even though the picture didn’t turn out well, the night sky from the living room was stellar.


We spent a most of the weekend simply relaxing in the room.  We’d walk into town to check out the farmers market, as well as to have breakfast and dinner.  SInce everything was down hill from us, that means it was uphill to get back.  This means we even snuck in some exercise!

The ONLY downside was the big tub!  Twice Michelle tried to take a bath, and both times the hot water ran out!   We think we share a hot water tank with the family, and since we slept in, we lost out.  That was the ONLY bad thing.

It was a great, relaxing and perfect being a couple weekend.  We slept in, ate well, and sat.  I only wish it could’ve been 3 more days….



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