One of Those Days

Today was one of those days when I start thinking about age.  Now normally I am the goofball of the group.  I whistle in the stairwell, slide down the banister and even climb up on desks to look over the partitions at people to talk to them.  It seems more efficient that going around the aisle, and much less rude than it would be talking through the wall at people.  Shoot I have been known to even burp as loud as possible in the stairwell, just to hear the echo.  I really don’t think I act my age.

But after work today, I started thinking about it.  In November I will be 49.  That means half a century is only 14 months away.  Michelle tells me I am silly, as she is the same age I am (but looks like she is 32), and she tells me all the time we are only as old as we think we are.  I know this to be true but still…

Today I had dinner with my mom (who IS young 🙂 ) and both boys.  I looked at them today, and they both look pretty damn grown up.  One is 20 and will be a Junior in College.  And the Manchild is 15, a sophomore in high school.  I remember distinctly being both these ages.  I also remember looking at my     dad, and thinking “WOW he’s old” (He was only 20 years older than I was.  I am 29 and 34 years older than my boys.)  After I did the math I just thought WOW, college was forever ago, and high school way to far to remember clearly.

Then I gave my mom a copy of this picture.



Now I love the picture with bike, the COUG jersey and the lake behind, but when I look at the face that is one TIRED old dude!  Don’t get me wrong, the tired guy up there finished a ride that only a handful of people I know (younger AND older) would have even had a shot at riding.  So he is no slouch, but he aint in his prime anymore either….

Then there was the kid buying beer at Safeway.  I was watching, and waiting for the classic, “Oh I forgot my ID”  Cuz there was NO WAY this guy was 21.  16 or 17 at best.  Nope, born in 1992, 10 years after I graduated high school (I know this because the cashier said, “HEY I was born in 92 as well!”) So people who were born AFTER my 10 year reunion are now drinking…

I shouldn’t complain.  I am in better shape than I was in college (I just can’t eat as much or as crappy).  It’s just the thought of how much longer can I do the things I do?  How many more years do I have 5 century rides in me?  How long until riding the couch sounds better than riding the bike?

Teenage and 20 something boys feel bulletproof, nothing is going to stop them!  And honestly, there was a time I wasn’t sure I wanted to get past 30 because “Damn that’s old and the body starts wearing out”. Well I proved myself wrong on that one.  Nothing has worn out.  But the big Five- OH just seems hella scary.

Now I know Nov 20th, the day after 50, I will probably grab the bike and crank out 40 miles in the rain, just to show that I can!  Then I will probably have the same thoughts hitting me as I get close to 60.  But on days like this I just get a little down.

Sorry for the melancholy, it doesn’t happen often, and I have another century coming up next month I will be getting ready for.  I’ll just try to take a better picture this time!  Maybe tomorrow will be a good day to belch in the stairwell!

5 thoughts on “One of Those Days

  1. I turn 53 in November and I can honestly say I don’t feel a day over 30. I can also say that in some respects life got infinitely sweeter after 50. As a friend if mine who is in her 60s often says, age is only a number.

  2. Age is just a number 🙂 Sometimes I can’t believe how quickly life flies by! Isn’t it creepy as heck to think that kids born in 2000, which seems like no time ago at all, are 15!! I laughed at the 1992 😉 I was born in ’90, but I can say with a certainty that you are in better shape than me 🙂

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