Please! Call Me Fred

Ok I have distinct Fred tendencies! Always pack for the worst, mountain bike shorts for road rides, and never care about cadence. But then, never care what I look like either!!

High On Bike

I am a Fred. For all my non-cycling readers (aka “my friends”), Fred is a term used by “serious” road cyclists to describe other cyclists who don’t “dress in the same flashy clothes or ride the same flashy bikes.” It can also mean a cyclist who has more bike than they need or one that has a lot if gear and gadgets on their bikes. In other words, a Fred is a big doofus. You know, the person who has a bell, mirror, and trunk bag on her mountain bike with the front suspension she never takes on a mountain. The one who smiles and waves at everyone, and wears a hi-viz vest. Oh yeah – me!

There are differing opinions on where the term Fred came from. Some say it’s referring to Fred Flintstone, which in that case would technically make me a Wilma…but feh! Please call me Fred…

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