Kudos to Seattle PD for a Great Idea!

Well those of you who visit me regularly know that about a month ago my bike was stolen from work.  There I was, slaving away (and I actually was that day, it was a VERY long frustrating day!) and at 12:37, some dirtbag came cycling up to the garage, dropped his crappy old dirt bike, snipped my lock and blazed out of the garage like he was being chased by a pack of rabid dogs!

The bikes name is NOT Fred
The bikes name is NOT Fred

You also know that I was stupid, and hadn’t recorded my serial number.  So even if they find my bike, the chances of reuniting it with me were very small!

Notice the word were is bolded.

Now there is a bit more hope.  It is far from a sure thing, but now there’s a chance.  This week, Seattle PD has launched a Twitter Feed #getyourbikeback !  They have about 500 bikes in their warehouse that have been recovered, but have not been reunited with their owners.  Hopefully this is about to change.

Initially they are tweeting a description of the recently recovered bikes.  An example is:

Found black Mongoose Crossway 350 bicycle in Ballard.  Yours? Email FindMyBike @Seattle.gov

OK, all well and good, but again I still do not have a serial number.  So what am I going to do if I see a tweet about a black Specialized Tri-Cross.

Well again, kudos to the SPD!  From their site:

“People think that if they don’t have their bike’s serial number, they can’t make a stolen bicycle report,” says Found Property Detective Michael Whidbey. “You don’t absolutely need a serial number to get your bike back, but it does expedite the process.”

Don’t have your serial number? Then how about a sales receipt for the bike?  Or a picture of your bicycle (better yet, of you riding the bike)? Can you provide a vivid description of the bike, including details about special toe clips, stickers, scratches, dents or any other unique traits your bike might have?  We’ll need a bit more info than “I think that’s my missing stock black Specialized Rock Hopper.”

Shoot, on this blog alone I have a ton of pics of the bike and me!  So that is easy! 

Currently, they are only tweeting about newly recovered bikes, but they are developing a plan for the 500 stuck somewhere in a warehouse.  I am looking forward to that plan, personally I am hoping for an openhouse!  Have iPad (with pictures) will travel!

But until then, I check the feed 3 or 4 times a day looking for it…

OH!  They also had a helluvan idea!  Take a picture of the serial number of your current bike, as well as the bike itself.  Attach all of them to an email and send it to yourself.  Then place it in a “Things Remembered” folder of the email.  Easy access from any computer should you ever need it!

No idea who came up with this down at the cop shop, but if I ever meet him or her, I will buy the first beer!  Great job!

Now lets hope the dirt bag gets hit by a bus, but the bike is OK, and it gets turned in!!

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