Folks, this is one of my favorite times of the year!  Saturday is the beginning of College Football season!

Around my neck of the woods, Seattle, all the inane chatter has been about the Washington Huskies, and their brand new stadium. (can you say $30 Million OVER budget).  Lord, there is nothing worse than an arrogant Husky fan.  I have become a Boise State Bronco fan for the weekend, as they play in the inaugural game of the stadium.  I would love to see this be the first loss of another epic 0 – 12 season for UW!

The bigger story is the real team from Washington.  The WSU Cougars!

Game Faces!
Game Faces!

  This is the second year of our new coach, Mike Leach.  We ended the last season with an epic come from behind win OVER the Huskies in the Applecup (the biggest comeback in the history of the game). 


This weekend we are off to play Auburn.

WSU is NOT a powerhouse in the PAC-12 (Though I love to point out the Cougs have been to the Rose Bowl as the (then) Pac 10 champs twice (I went to both), since the last time the Dawgs went. Instead of being in LA, or Seattle, or near San Francisco, or even Eugene, WSU is in a little town called Pullman.  It’s in the middle of nowhere, 8 miles from Idaho, surrounded by wheat fields.  You don’t get to Pullman on the way to anywhere; you have to want to go there.


This is why people who didn’t go to WSU ask stupid questions like.  “Didn’t you hate it there?”  “Why would you go there?”  “Betcha couldn’t wait to get out, huh?”  “What did you guys DO there?”

A COUG, though, just sits back and smiles.  Shakes his or her head a little bit, and lets these people prattle on.  Only someone who has attended the school could feel the magic, understand the bond, and know the feeling of being a COUG!  I’ve done posts about this, and the GO COUGS! I heard while riding anywhere.  It happened 3 times in Crater Lake!

We have more losing seasons, than winning ones.  But we never give up hope.  We know, that if it happens to snow, we are unstoppable.  (Even players from California magically play better in the snow in Pullman!)  Like last year’s Applecup we have the ability to pull an epic win out of sure defeat!  Hell, one year, we had a quarterback, Kegel, who played with two injured legs and an injured arm, and still won!  We’ve had another who played with a lacerated liver and didn’t know it.  We are COUGS, and pain don’t hurt! 

Of course, we also have the ability to steal an epic defeat out of a sure win!  This is known as Couging it.  We have all suffered this, in person and on TV.  It’s heartbreaking and painful.  It’s also why I say “Anyone can be a Husky fan, it takes Stamina to be COUG!”  No true Coug believes we have won a game until we see the final seconds tick away, EVEN if we are up by 2 touchdowns!

Sadly, this year, the man who has been doing the radio play by play for DECADES, Bob Robertson, is stepping aside (Hell he is 85!)  But I will miss his “Always be a good sport, Be a good sport always!”  As well as “Touchdown Washington State!” 

I make no predictions on the year, but I am road tripping in October for a game against my wife’s alma mater Oregon State.  I will show her where I lived, played, drank and went a long way to becoming who I am today!  Last night, we completed our annual tradition of buying the new Coug Shirt before the first game (you can NEVER have too many).  So I am ready! 

Bring on the season, wear your Crimson and Gray, and for the helluva it yell “GO COUGS!”  You might get a high 5 (even in Australia) from a traveling WSU fan!

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